The Secret Society Presents - KOFXIII Battle Royale [April 19, 2014] $200+ Pot Bonus!


Introducing New York’s first High Stakes King of Fighters XIII tournament, this will be focused on giving drive and growth to the New York/New Jersey/neighboring states to better themselves and test themselves. It is scheduled to be held on April 19, 2014 (Saturday) so hopefully this works out for most people. The Secret Society will be providing A $250 POT BONUS for the Top 4 in KOFXIII in a 50/25/15/10 percentage payout from 1st to 4th place. PLEASE READ RULES REGARDING THE SYSTEM USED, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A PLAYER IN THE LOCAL AREA

Next Level Arcade
4013 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Venue: $10
Tournament Fee: $25 (Payout for the regular pot from 1st to 4th place will be 60%/20%/10%/5%)

Sign-ups and casuals will start at 2:30PM and end at 4:15PM. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE, NOTIFY SOMEONE IN ADVANCE, THE TOURNAMENT WILL NOT BE HELD UP FOR YOU, I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE JESUS OR GOD, IF NO ONE KNOWS THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE because a 3/5 tournament on top of exhibitions takes quite some time to run so you are all WARNED.

System: Playstation 3 (PS3)
Chronus devices are BANNED from this event so keep that in mind

Double elimination, 3/5 matches the WHOLE TOURNAMENT, even Top 3 so play your hearts out and pull no punches. No white stage on stream/recording even if both players agree

Stream Details UPDATED:
Clinton “Navigator” Bowman will be streaming the event. Link will be so spread the word guys

Official Side Tournament
The King of Fighters 98

System: Xbox 360

Double elimination, 2/3 UNTIL TOP 3 which will be 3/5

Tournament Fee: $5 (70/20/10% of entry fee split for Top 3, if less than 16 players 70/30% of entry fee split for top 2, if less than 8 then winner takes all)

Also other rules we want to mention. Colluding will result in various consequences including the forfeiting of pot bonuses and game losses if pulled on stream. We know what it looks like when someone is trying an alternative strategy and when they aren’t trying at all, but for the love of god, do your dirty laundry AFTER the tournament is over, NO ONE’S TIME WILL BE WASTED, INCLUDING EVERYONE who comes. Also we want to set up an exhibition of the sort (1v1 match or some sort of team event) to build the hype up!! So that’s it folks, get your day off in advance now if you work a weekend job, save $3 a week starting now, do what you have to do, because if you are a KOF player, you will not want to miss this event.

NOTE: PS3’s WILL BE NEEDED for this event so if you’re coming bring one with you (with DLC characters as well)


Sounds like it will be a really cool event, I’m definitely going to be there. Will there be any MM’s?


Front page has been updated


There will be an additional $50 pot bonus added to Top 4, totaling the pot bonus up to $250, get HYPE!!!


OP has been updated: Clinton “Navigator” Bowman will be streaming the event. The link is so spread the word guys