The secret to beating Magneto

Hit him.

No, seriously, hit him. With anything. Jump roundhouse, low jab, low roundhouse, stand fierce. Mags players think that fight is free. When they get hit, all of a sudden they have to think. And people don’t choose Magneto because they like to think.

Seriously, try it. Hit Magneto.

I laugh at your lame ass strat.

Everyone knows to beat Mags with Doom you only need one tool.


Okay, have fun getting kicked in the forehead. :slight_smile:

Hit magneto - Awesome strat
You realise magnetos Lk is 2 frames?

Magneto’s is 1 frame.

Of course. You gotta be brave.

I’m going by the original frame data table - even though I know people later said mags c.Lk is one frame.
Shouldn’t have fed the troll.

I know this is pointless to say, but I’m not a troll. I’m trying to get people to think that Doom vs. Magneto is not an automatic loss, and that if you can establish that you have more confidence than your opponent, you can win.

BELIEVE IT! :wink:

I stand by what I said here.

Doom vs. Magneto is only unwinnable because players are scared of Magneto. Lose the fear. Stop being afraid to lose and you’ll find yourself winning more.

pick Icebeam assist LOL

He is right actually. Most people I know play Doom v. Magneto by running away from him. You really don’t have to however. Doom can control this fight as much as Magneto can. So I’ll agree with Dasrik on this one. Hit the fool.

Agree with Dasrik also.

Magneto is fast, true, but I’d argue Doom can control space faster than Magneto can get to it.

And all this talk of framerates seems to be off-the-mark a little. Fighting games, fortunately, cannot be reduced to a numbers game.

i personally never had a problem playing against magneto as long my tron bonne is right by my side. magneto can rush me down all he like but i’ll be the one that’s up in the air throwing air photons at him and if he’s up there i’ll do it from the ground! and if he starts to tri jump on me i’ll needle spike him and send my tron assist. it’s funny cuz some of my friends says i’m more aggressive taking on magneto than him taking on me as doom lol. the only person i get jibbers is probably cable and maybe storm. other than that i’m good against magneto with doom.

yeah whatever.

Magneto and Sentinel steamroll Doom, its less of a nightmare if you have assists specifically for Doom (eg Drones, cyke assist) but not many people play a Doom centred team. Its also easier if magneto isn’t paired with psylocke.

Landing anything other than a random APA on Magneto, or having an assist hit him is rare. Dooms normals aren’t gonna hit magneto (wether it be a launcher, or needle kicks), unless you’re playing crummy magnetos.

The reason why I mentioned frames is that Doom can’t stop magnetos Lk tri jumps unless he has a good assist . Magneto can really get in Dooms face.
You need to play against some better magneto players and not take Dasriks word as gospel.

wow im amazed on how many people actually think doom can win.

ok, yes, the player SHOULD be afraid of magneto. why? 1 hit kills. light speed rushdown.

how will doom hit you? at all? what scrub will fall for a launch while rushing? mag only has to dash once when doom sj’s, so forget pink shit.

As always, you two are entitled to your opinion.

The thing is though, I play very good Magnetos on a very constant basis, and the fact of the matter is, maybe you guys should try facing good Dooms.

A good Doom will take into consideration and respect the fact that a Magneto player can kill in one hit. The thing is though, is, and this what I think is the major key to the matchup, how is he supposed to get that one hit when there are projectiles and assists all over the place?

Also, I find, that a cat and mouse based game will work against Magneto. Why is this? Because of the simply knowing that every Magneto has to get close to actually hurt you, you can condition him into some situations that are a very bad disadvantage to him. This is because by rope-a-doping, and by switching to the offensive (becoming the cat) at the same frequency of play defense (becoming the mouse), you can really confuse the hell out of anyone, because they will not know when to do what at times, and thus leading in to an advantagous situation in which Magneto will get fried. It’s also pretty funny to watch a Magneto player chase you like Tom chasing Jerry.

And also, keep in mind, that if Doom has Storm behind him, and two meters, that Magneto has to respect that APA xx hail will take off 60-90% off of anybody.

In closing, it is my belief, in that any strategy when playing Doom against a Magneto, that allows a player to be flexible on offense and defense, and most importantly, allow the player to lull the Magneto player into a false sense of security, will lead to Doom killing Magneto 98% of the time. Let’s be honest, a high percentage of people plus the two up there, do not respect Doom and assume that is a free kill when he is on point against Magneto, however, with a calm mind and proper planning, any character can be beaten by any character, no matter who the player is using, it would do you some good to remember that. And also, before you go saying what you can do to counter things, remember, you won’t know what you’ll do until the match starts, so, it’s useless to say “I’ll do blah, and blah to counter that”. It has no bearing to stop a properly executed gameplan, and speaking for myself, I execute my gameplans flawlessly.

That is when I don’t have cold hands…

you can really tell the Doom players from the random people that tried to learn him for a few days.

I do have to say almost every post I’ve read by “MagnetoManiac” has been horribly wrong, from him screwing up IM infinite help, to him saying you have to Fast Fly the LK in Doom’s infinite. My first reply to this thread was obviously a joke, but not being afriad is a big deal. If the oppenent controls your mind he’s already won.

But he’s the pwner of Justin Wong !!!1111oneone

DHC to Hail isn’t gonna do 90% even on a level 3 machine for starters.
Rope a dope? please.

What are you hitting these good magnetos with? (besides APA or assists?)
You could reply specifically to what I posted.

I do play Doom - he’s good but he just gets owned by Sent and magneto.
Plus the fact the thread and title (the secret - just hit him?)

If you didn’t understand the zen of “just hit him” (which implies alot more than just “hitting him”)

Then your Doom is probably ass, or you just learned to play him in a style thats not productive to hitting Mags. He never said it was easy.