The secret to strider doom's success?

most people probably already know this but never really realized how this special thing makes strider doom work.

what’s this special thing? block damage.

whoopdy doo well DUH! i’m talking about red damage. i realized after watching some clockwork matches that when strider’s doing his thing, and is doing block damage with doom, that the yellow bar comes down, and the red bar comes down but at the same rate.

so if you had 5 red life, after one cycle of strider doom, you will still have 5 red life, even though your yellow life went down say maybe 10.

if you were to get hit however, the yellow bar would drop faster than the red bar, and now you have more red health to recover.

but against a strider doom player, doesn’t matter if you block everything, because if you do the block damage will lower the yellow life, and NO extra red life is rewarded. this i think makes strider doom very effective because you can’t recover any character by switching them out, once they’ve taken damage from the block damage it’s permanent.

just an interesting thought :smiley:

Damn that’s tight.

I always thought it was the Push-Block Confusion and Chip.
Because Strider/Doom consists of just many things hitting the opponent at once. It’s hard to pushblock Strider because most of the time, they end up push blocking Doom.

Yeah, and really when your in a S/D trap its hard to notice anything else since your full concentration is completely on guarding and running. By the time you do notice your characters health is all fuxed.

hahah i just think it’s funny when you’re blocking a S/D trap and you’re just thinking…hmmm i blocked everything so far and they didn’t hit me once! i think i better sub off and let this character recover their health…wtf? where’s my red health? AH CRAP they hit me! DEAD! w00t!

I think the key to winning with Strider is being effective. Full chip from Ouro+Doom does about what, 10-15%? I don’t even know, and when I’m playing I don’t worry about it. Basing your game on chip damage alone doesn’t w0rk. Instead, the trap should be getting you from one setup to the next, because it’s those setups that are going to win you games. Landing hits is much more effective than chip damage.


totally agree with ya. doing real damage is always better than block damage. is if you hit them, you take off lots of damage (especially that thing where you jump and do a normal magic series which lands on the 3 drones -> launch combo which takes off mad damage). but the really cool thing is, if you DON’T hit them, you still take off 10-15% which is pretty sweet.

actually the sweetest thing is when you catch their assist AND point in orbs (assist behind, point in front), and than you call doom…DAMN it’s sooo funny to see the assist scream in pain…especially commando. just look at him when he’s getting hit by orbs and rocks!!!

Nah…meter. Like clock said…landing hits is more important not only for damage but because it allows strider to build meter much faster than taking swipes at someone who’s blocking.

yeah but really…how many matches do you actually see the trap hit them all the time? probably 1 in 4. (maybe that super secret overhead kick might change that…not sure) but the other 3 times they block everything. but even if they block everything you take off 10-15% in chip, and brings the red down with it too, so it’s still very good.

the only time S/D gets phucked over is when they sj out before you can get them into your trap, which THEN you’ve wasted a meter and you gotta work that much harder to get that back. a big weakness for strider i think is he can’t charge shit for meter without orbs.

you know your strider/doom has reached a new level when almost everything starts coming out on instinct. Different resets and trapping patterns will come out when you’re not even thinking. And it takes a lot of work to actually get there.

Ugh, I hate that crap, especially with storm.

Super sound from Strider


  • ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, lightning attack, ahh, ahh, ahh.*



strider and storm should get married. all they ever say is HAHH HAHH HAHH HAHH HAHH