The Sega Naomi Thread

yeah im wondering why my dreamcast controller isn’t working then…Just the dreamcast keyboard.

It’s 2021 and there’s still useful in info in this not making a new thread.

It’s 2021 and some things have changed.

What’s the best upscaler?

What’s the solution to hook up ,either directly off the naomi itself or a supergun, to an ultra modern tv with no vga ,rca or component input?

What’s the best scanline generator?

Is anyone still out there?

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I don’t think anything’s changed on the upscaler side of things: Framemeister, OSSC, RetroTink.
There’s been some new models of the RetroTink out in the last year or two, so I think those would help in this situation. Any of these would help hook up a Naomi to a modern no-VGA/no-component TV.


Do retrotinks have vga input?

I don’t think so, unfortunately.

In which case your best bet would be the OSSC.

For shits and giggles I bought a set of rca cables today to use the video conversion out of this supergun I have. Im not getting any sound. I took the audio cables from the supergun out and plugged them into what I thought was the audio out of the capcom I/o and still nothing. I bitching to wind here but this whole setup was tested twice and the only issue is th uab connector on the naomi itself. Could I have fried something? Do I have the audio input and outputs backwards?
Is the volume knob side output or input?

I have sound now…all I did was go into the test menu. Didn’t change wanyrhing other than coin settings. I never messed with the volume knob other than originally giving it a half spin since I didn’t know which way was mute and which was full blast.

However I have a very loud electrical hum in the audio. The way I have it wired is naomi rca out -> capcom io rca in -> capcom io out straight to the tv bypassing the supergun.

Could this supergun be pushing too much voltage to the naomi?
Or what else could be causing the hum.

No, but you can attach one to a HDMI to VGA adapter.

Let me just start this whole process over.

I have a naomi ,capcom I/o and marvel vs capcom 2 cart.

I’m thinking I don’t want to use the supergun I have. (I ll use it elsewhere down the road. I didn’t plan on getting a naomi setup for my first set of arcade hardware)

Would I be fine to grab a jamma harness and a regular arcade powersupply? The capcom io should convert and carry power to the naomi right?
I feel like a complete fucking idiot with this.

Eventually I may try to go the netboot route.

Yes, should be fine.
That’s what I did with my MvC2 cart at one point.

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About this: how are you connecting your controls?
Through the JAMMA? Or Maple Bus?

The plan now is to go through the jamma harness for controls unless I find a maple bus adapter.

Honestly the control situation is what made me want to go the jamma harness route. This supergun has both usb and neo geo ports.the uab is supposed to convert ps3/xbox controller signals for 4 buttons + stick. I couldn’t couldn’t get it to work with a stick with a brooks ufb when I forced modes.i also don’t have a neo geo controller.

And for reference this is the (apparently a pos) supergun I bought.

Got my jamma harness and power supply yesterday.
Just got done gutting a mad catz te and ran wiring harnesses(jamma and capcom kick) through the bottom.
Test run I noticed I don’t have the joystick wired right.
Left is up and it’s the only direction that responds.
Story of my life and wiring up and actual stick.
My wife loves the mess I’ve got strung up atm. I have to use an old tv with vga input for the moment which leads me to my next question:

Are the cheaper clones just as good?
Recommend one or the real deal?
How’s shipping on the real ones out of europe?

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Shipping isn’t that bad of Europe to the US. But its been a while since I acquired my OSSC.
I think the main price of the OSSC went down since I got mine.

The real deal work as expected while the bootlegs are hit and miss quality.
While this is just one person on their Internet, I was reading how one guy who got his OSSC from Aliexpress had his OSSC overheating, while there nothing on the open source specs that will do this.
Other reason to buy the real deal OSSC is each official unit sold have some money going back to the creator who still makes firmware updated and doing R&D for a OSSC Pro.


Anyone got a link for the PC tools to netboot and netdimm bios files?

I’m not asking for roms

Well after scouring the internet and about to give up I found exactly what I was looking for from a 5 year old youtube comment on a 7 year old video.

After discovering the other ethernet cable into my gameroom was severed(it was plugged into a smarttv that never features aren’t really used) I had to use my wife’s laptop with it’s wifi card and figure out how to turn S mode off.i finally did it. This post will be pic happy.

I’d also like to point out I’m using a capcom I/o to power this naomi +net dimm setup. I don’t currently have the gdrom hooked up. I hadn’t came across many setups like this during my web searching.

Yes first game I netbooted wasn’t even a real naomi game. :joy:

Also tried what I saw in previously stated old ass youtube video.

I know there wasn’t a point to upgrading the firmware for my use but the resale value just went up a hair.:man_shrugging:

My 2021 is off to a great start. :laughing:

If anyone in the future needs any of these files feel free to ask me to show you near fruitless internet searches.

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