The seller of this ebay item evo joystick is on crack for real

Mad Catz EVO 2010 Gold Joystick 1of 24 Limited Edition! - eBay (item 180555451958 end time Sep-10-10 16:35:15 PDT)

Are they seriously thinking it will sell for this much, I dont care if they got Daigo’s john hancock along with it

Sorry if this has already beem seen

thats one stupid ass motherfucker. maybe theres somebody even more retarded than he is and actually buy this shit?

wow more than 1k for a stick, even if its 1 of 2 special edition its too much… it is not even gold coated, its just a gold color…

Does this guy realise how broke FG players are?

wow is that what it looks like? lol and not even real gold? basicly a regular TE with custom artwork?= /

but how knows, cant blame him for trying i guess

does he realize how ugly that stick is? limited edition or not that thing is an ugly color

A PS3 was able to be sold for $10,000 when it first came out…

That auction will be taken down before the end of the day. Like the previous ones were. Evo staff said nobody could sell those and so far, they`ve successfully upheld their word.

Just curious why they aren’t allowed to sell if its their property?

Promotional item, not for resale.

bet thats the one that got stolen from daigo or whatever…

Looks like its a woman trying to sell.

LMAO that’s hilarious. Somebody needs to pay the rent.

Does that really mean anything legally? People sell textbooks that say that on them all the time.

Ask Madcatz/Evo Staff. Or shine the bearded-Star of David signal high in the sky, UltraD might be able to help ya. I’m not familiar enough with the legal system to answer that.

Thing is, there are thousands of any given textbooks out there but there are only two-dozen Gold sticks from EVO 2010. A publisher might be allowed to take legal action against someone who resells their textbook; however, trying to catch everyone who does so is impractical. On the other-hand, it is much easier for MadCatz to trace a unique item like the EVO stick, both because they are finite in number and because whom each of the sticks was given to is public knowledge (with the exception of any undistributed sticks that MadCatz has.)

I call BS on that picture that seller is using. From the looks of it, it seems that the stick is wrapped in plastic. I helped pass those out and I don’t remember the sticks being wrapped in plastic. Also in the description it says that it’s still sealed, I’m pretty sure that those weren’t sealed because we had to go through them and confirm the numbers underneath the stick.

How do you own a gold TE aside from winning Super female and top 8 Super?

Surely he should be allowed to sell it? I mean that price is idiotic and I would have my own concerns on if the listing was fake but I’ve never heard of a promotional item being under such restrictions.

Looks like a fake to me.

The Gold TE is fairly easy to reproduce, there are enough pictures of the Gold TE online that you could make a template out of it that looks close to it, the case itself is just a gold paint + mirror finish (anyone lurking TT can figure out how to do this), the buttons and stick are just stock dark hai Sanwa parts…

There aren’t any pictures of the official serial number these things are supposed to have, the box that the TE is being displayed in looks awfully big compared to this one at EVO, and as the hurricane and various pictures from evo indicate, the sticks were never sealed into a box…