The Sengoku Basara series Thread: NO POLEDANCING KASUGA FOR YOU!


Anime just started and fansubs are out gentlemen, I’ll be watching it later on, but feel free to post you comments/thoughts on the first ep.
For some reason, although being a game to anime series…I don’t feel like that if it sucked I’d be disappointed.

The Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) Warriors thread

Oh? We’re gonna have a thread for this? I thought the Anime and Manga thread covered that well…but I don’t see why not.

Anywho, episode 1 of Basara was a decent start. Sure there wasn’t much action aside from



Yukimura and Date’s first meeting with each other.

…and Shingen punching the crap out of Yukimura twice, the 2nd getting into a simple fight with each other - but that’s just for comedy factor.

But they did manage to convey the personalities to a tee. Date is cool looking and abuses the engrish language, Yukimura is hot-blooded and a tad foolish etc. We’ve yet to get into the rest of the cast yet, but if ep 1 is any indication, they’ll be just like in the games.

My only gripe is with how the women’s faces look. Especially Oichi.


I’m to lazy to repost what I wrote in the A&M thread…

But I’ll be back when the second ep is out.

I didn’t notice anything odd, but then again I didn’t really look for it. The chick that hangs with ice-dude wears some hot clothes, I guess it distracted from the face…
Sounds plausible though, it is a “bishounen” kind of anime after all right? It’s my impression(based on for example how SBX loke test was full of girls) that Sengoku Basara has a lot of female fans.


It shuold be obvious even without that, like that most of the cast is male bishounen haha


Wasn’t particularily impressed with the first episode. As mentioned already characters are faithful to the source material so far. The vocal cast of the game reprise their roles in the anime. In general due to the way the game is laid out the pacing of the episode was all over the place.

The animation is mediocre at best and the fight sequences are all that exciting to watch due to the over top antiques. Yeah, the game exaggerates the fights as well but I find it more acceptable in the game then in the anime. Hard to get excited for a fight when they are spiraling around in old school pillars of light. That just screams laziness to me when they could have done a 1-on-1 that is more intense. Personally, I think that would have drawn in more viewers if they did an amazing first fight rather than try to set up too many different things.


Yin: Even in bishounen-type anime, women look actually very pretty in the show. I’m not saying they look ugly in Basara, nah, it’s that their anime faces look a tad male-ish compared to their original designs. Might be just me though and we’ll see how it goes later on as the series progresses.

Pretty much.

Fortunately, we still get guys like Nobunaga and Hideyoshi to give us the “Simply badass” male factor without the pretty looks.

Speaking of Hideyoshi, there doesn’t seem to be a sign of the guy anywhere in the series, which seems quite odd…


Oh, btw… Who’s the Testament guy?


Akechi Mitsuhide. They’ve warped his persona around to make him a psychopathic emogoth killer who even hurts his own troops (without damaging them, strangely enough). He used to be one of Nobunaga’s generals and betrayed him later on.

In the SB games, he has this weird obsession with laughing sadistically a lot and walking in a rather bizarre manner.


Ever notice that little “twitch” he does at the end of his Basara Attack:wtf:

Dude gets off on it…literally.

As for the episode, it was good. Perfect transition from the games and I’ll be tuning in to the entire series for sure. Date Masamune is the shit:nunchuck:


I’m not afraid to admit that I got a huge boner for this show, I’m glad Shinsen picked it up, no hate to Tadashi, but Shinsen’s translation made a lot more sense and was closer to the original dialogue.

Episode 2 featuring Fuuma Kotarou? Fuck what you heard this show is beast.

Unfortunately, doesn’t look like Hideyoshi or Hanbei will be showing up…despite Maeda Keiji being in it, but I guess they had to, no hate for him.


Speaking of Shinsens subs, was I the only one childish enough to find “Oshus One-Eyed Dragon is approaching to take us from the rear” funny? :rolleyes:
I mean combined with the bishounen factor, and that it was said to the super-feminine ice guy (who is pretty cool btw, imo)…

This Akechi guy sounds awesome. Is he a boss or playable in the games? I don’t remember him from SBX.

Edit: “One-Eyed Dragon” could even be interpreted as a euphemism to make that sentence even more hilarious :rofl:





LOL. I watched the Tadashi version, so I haven’t seen that in the subs. Someone’s being a bit too cheeky, methinks.

Yeah, Akechi is pretty much a regular playable character in the original SB games. SBX more or less has a sampling of 12 characters (10 from the arcade, plus Kotarou and Hanbei as console exclusives) from total of 20+ playable characters.

Some Akechi gameplay: [media=youtube]kxxbDdmeoTY[/media]


Looks awesome.
Here’s a question… Is anything important changed in the non-japanese “Devil Kings” version?
Maybe I can just skip right onto Sengoku Basara 2 and give up understanding the dialouge?


The entire setting and the character names have been changed around to give everyone a demonic background and whatnot. Nobunaga became the “Devil King” and was the lead character instead of Date, plus they changed a few things around in the gameplay

But it’s heralded as one of the worst localization concepts that Capcom has ever pulled off. Reason why they did this is that they don’t want to be ‘copycats of the Sengoku Musou series by Koei’. The excuse was pretty much a load of crap.

But yeah, you’re better off getting Basara 2 and/or Basara 2 Heroes. Basara 2 has the story mode and cutscene stuff, while Heroes adds on to 2 by adding 3 more characters as playables (plus the rest of the NPCs as versus characters, from what I remember). I think Gamefaqs has several FAQs which can help you out on both games, but even without that, it’s pretty easy to pick up and play.


Guess I’ll look into this series. It seems pretty interesting form what people are saying.


Where do I find subs? Thanks.


Add another satisfied Basara fanboy to the list. Sure, it may be shallow as hell, but damn if I wasn’t wearing a giddy smile throughout the entire episode. Gotta love the “vs. screen” shot that appeared during the start of the Date / Yukimura fight, right after they jumped into the air.

No Hideyoshi is probably the result of wanting to have a single strong villain in Nobunaga. It would be awesome if he showed up later to piledrive soldiers into oblivion, but I won’t hold my breath.

Google “Shinsen subs”.


Just saw Episode 2 Raw…:wow::wow::wow:


This show is awesome, I like the over the top style.

Oda nobunaga’s intro was so ridiculous i loved it. Cant wait to see tadakatsu honda.