The Senko no Ronde for 360 Thread

Post up if you managed to snag a copy of this game.

Shit looks crazy as hell.

GG to Buktooth, sorry about the randomness. I didn’t figure out what transforming while Vanish is activated can do for me until right after I played you. I liked your play style though, looked like you’ve actually played this before…

I’ve had this game ever since it was released in Japan.

However, I’m only really scary if you think I am. I can play a few exhibition (non-ranked) matches with anyone who wants to learn how to play the game and/or for some silly fun.

Kinda sucks you can’t turn off the time limit for custom matches though.

And how do you guys display your Xbox Live Gamertags like that?

FINALLY snagged this game. Had to go to six different stores in town.

Still learning the ins and outs but it would seem as though my previous shmup and fighting game experience helps at least a little.

If anyone wants to have at it and work out some kinks by all means fire me a friend request.

Add me Arpharmd B.

I’m still learning the game, so if you play me have ur headset on and we’ll talk basic techniques/strats.

Add Soma Atlasia X to your friends list if you want.

Im on from time to time but I wont show up unless you ask for me cause most of the time Im on, no one else isn’t.

I have the game but havent really played it as much as I wanted to. I’ll try to get online tomorrow and see if anyone is on.

I got my copy yesterday im going to start playing today.

It’s quite rare to find people to play against. It seems even the Japanese have stopped playing for the time being. I’ve only had time to check a couple times this week though.

Throw me a message/F.R. if you want some games.

Well i got in to the game so if any one wants to go a few with headsets on add my GT.

Just got the game, if any want to play add me to your friends list.

To ParryAll: Buddy when are you on?


Is it on import?Does even play on US 360’s?The reason I asked was b/c I never though that a game this good would come America.

GG’s last night.

It’s out in America, but they changed the name to WarTech. Still the same game though.

Thanks PA, cuz I’m gonna be pickin that up real soon.

Full List of SRK Senko No Ronde Players

I just thought I would reserve this space to keep track of all the gamertags.

So far:

**Arpharmd B
Soma Atlasia X
Reality Marble
Dr Stormlocke
I Shazay I
happy accid3nt
Shi Kiseichu
NeoAlucard25 **

Add me!

I Shazay I

I all so made a topic on GF a few days ago and some ppl
left there tags.

Fuck I haven’t been on this shit for awhile. I’m not ducking anybody, just waiting for more heads. Send a FR my way and I’ll show you what bullshit I know with Fabian.

I went on my Japanese account and found a ton of downloadable content for Senko.

There are some sick Themes too. I went to buy it and goddamnit, MS points only work with one account.

You can’t use an American points card either to add points.

Play Asia only has Asian-region cards, dunno if these would work or not. Furthermore, dunno if the DL-content would work with the English version. Has anyone tried this?

Really hoping Ubisoft releases all the content here, including the themes.

100 points per outfit is a lot @.@;

I wouldn’t mind the themes though~

I added 15 or so Senko players the other day. Accept my friend requests if you havent’ already.