The Senko no Ronde for 360 Thread

this game is everywhere I go, not selling out anytime soon that’s for sure. $20 bin special in the future

True that but I got it at a discount ($24~). Its a really fun game though if you have people to play with.

I wouldn’t be so sure about a quick price drop anymore. Ubisoft also brought over ‘Over G Fighters’ and its still $60~

I play this shit, but I gotta re-activate my Live account because I let it expire. ADD ME.


Since there aren’t that many people playing, we should have everyone throw out what times work for them. After that, we can find out what the best time period is for all of us. I propose like a once a week 2-4 hour time frame, since the odds of randomly seeing somebody from this list online at any given time are rare.

Sounds good stormlocke, although I’d rather have people contact each other through MSN/AIM for matches. Speaking of which, you can contact me on AIM at Hydra6322 or MSN at for matches. I’m usually free during the afternoons/night for now.

Hey! I have Senko! I haven’t played any online matches in about a month, but I’ll play some online matches if I can figure out when other people are on. If any tourneys come up, I’m sure I’ll be there shooting beams at people.

Yeah, I was playing this game on my 360 before it broke on 4th. When I get it back I’ll probably hop back on there.

new player

hi there people. i got Senko no Ronde a day ago and i’m looking for people to play.

add me if you like and send a message saying you wanna play, so i know who’s adding me and why :slight_smile:

my first online game was against a japanese player (tag: Shinrabanshou) who beat the crap out of me instantly lol. i need practise so this doesn’t happen again against high rank people :stuck_out_tongue:

my gamer tag: Neomix

I’m gonna pick this up later today. Anyone want to show me the ropes?

sorry about me being silent for most of the summer. Was kind of busy doing this.

If I’m not playing Suguri, you might see me online at 11-1AM GMT-6 on evenings. However, if you send me PMs on my gamertag, I’ll try to see if I can accommodate a scheduled match with you guys.

my gamertag is Chibiaya

keobas is my gamertag ( i suck sue me)

You know we should hold a meeting some time.

plz add me… gametag: JINXHAND… i use a few different characters, but its been awhile since i last played…

I have this game, a 360 and xbox live, but I just moved to SFSU and don’t have a decent set-up for video games, or a TV for that matter. I might just end up getting VGA cables…

Anyways, add boribiajin if you want. I hope to play you guys sometime, esp. Dr. Stormlocke ;o

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play Senko, and now I finally got it, but still dont know shit.

Add me and invite if you dont mind me contantly going “WTF WAS THAT?”

Finally got this game today. $10 is too good to pass up since I’ve been trying to get the game for cheap. Still trying to get the hang of everything, but I’m up for some games with anyone that wants to play with a noob.

This thread here has a lot of good info on playing the game, Toodles.