The Sensational She-Hulk #1: Haters Went Wild



General Note

She Hulk is a grapple-based character that has some similarities to Street Fighter characters like El Fuerte, Abel and R.Mika. Her mobility is based on her command run and wall jump, which can be done after a few of her special and normal attacks. All of her special grabs do little damage by themselves, but instead dizzy the opponent for a brief moment and allow her to followup with a combo. She also has a low assist, which can possibly allow for OTG combos and unblockable setups.


  1. Heavy Strike: :qcf::atk:
    -This is her standard command throw that leads into a brief stun. It has three variations, depending on the button used:
    :l: Is a standard command throw that has short range, and must be used while next to the opponent.
    :m: Is the anti air version, where she is able to grab airborne opponents. It has a similar animation to Abel’s Falling Sky in SF4
    :h: Is the dashing version, where she dashes about 2/3rds across the screen and grabs the opponent. It has a similar animation to Abel’s Ultra II in SSF4

  2. Somersault Kick: :dp::atk:
    -This is her anti air attack with a similar animation to Guile’s flashkick. The horizontal and vertical range of the kick varies depending on the button used, with the :l: version giving the lowest range, and the :h: version giving the highest.
    -After landing from this she can transition into her command run or wall jump by holding forward (:f:) or back (:b:) on the joystick respectively. The kick does not need to make contact with the opponent in order for her to make the transition. She can do it even if the kick whiffs.

  3. Runner’s Start: :d::d:+:s:
    -This is her special stance that allows her to transition into her command run (hold forward :f:), or her wall jump (hold back :b:). She is not limited to the Runner’s Start when she want’s to transition into the Command Run or Wall Jump. She can start the transition from these options as well:

Command Run followups:
:l: Torpedo
-Slide punch that hits low
:m: Clothesline
-Clothesline that hits high (it can be ducked by most–if not all–characters), but causes a crumple stun on hit which can lead to free combos.
:h: Somersault Kick
-This is the H version of her somersault kick special move.
:S: Cancel
-This causes her to stop/cancel the run

Wall Jump followups:
-Flying cross chop that causes a ground bounce, allowing her to juggle the opponent
-Drop kick that causes a wall bounce, allowing her to juggle the opponent
-Senton bomb (flipping butt splash) that seems to have no apparent followups (?)
:s: Cancel
-This causes her to stop/cancel the wall jump and drop in place.


  1. Emerald Cannon: :qcf::atk::atk:
    -Known as her ‘dropkick’ hyper. She jumps straight up and dropkicks the opponent, which causes a wall bounce. She can do two additional :qcf::s: followups, which will cause her to hit the opponent with a flying belly flop, and then a flying butt splash. If she does not use the additional inputs then the super will end after the initial dropkick. However she can apparently combo after the dropkick, but additional testing is needed.

  2. Taking Out the Trash: :dp::atk::atk:
    -This is her anti air super. She jumps at a 45 degree angle and attempts to grab the opponent out of the air. Being a grab, it is not blockable, and it can not grab people out of hit stun so it won’t ‘combo’ in a DHC. She jumps about 3/4ths of the screen, so it can be used from a good distance.

  3. Sunday Driver: :hcb::atk::atk:
    -This is her level 3 super. It’s a close range grab super, so you can’t combo into it. She pushes the opponent to the ground, and then accidentally tosses an intruding car on him. The car then explodes for additional damage. There are reports that even if the grab portion whiffs, the car can still drive on to the screen and hit the opponent for minor damage.


  1. Torpedo
    -Same attack as her command run :l:. It hits low and can reportedly OTG.

  2. Clothesline
    -Same attack as her command run :m:. Causes crumple stun.

  3. Somersault Kick
    -Same attack as her command run :h:. Basic anti air.

Command Normals:

  1. :f:+:h:
    -This is an overhead attack that allows her to transition into her command run (hold :f:) or wall jump (hold :b:). She can transition to either regardless of whether the overhead hits or whiffs. Also, she can apparently combo the opponent after the overhead hits, but she can not combo into it.

  2. :d:+:h:
    -Her crouching hard attack which causes her to slide. What’s significant about this attack is that she can transition to command run or wall jump (same directions as other transitions) regardless of whether the slide hits or is blocked

    • Jumping :d:+:h:*
      -This is her senton bomb, which is the same attack she does during wall jump :h:. It appears to make her fall faster than normal, but this needs to be tested.


  1. crouching ground magic series–>:s:–>air magic series–>:s:–>Torpedo xx Emerald Cannon (aka Dropkick Hyper; enter all three inputs)–>Torpedo

Misc Stuff:

  1. Picture of some of her moveset:

  2. Picture of her alt colors:

  3. Win Quotes (text):
    -“Somebody once called me Phoenix Wright with muscles… and then I called an ambulance.”
    -“Don’t think about suing now that I’ve trashed you. 'Cause I’ll kick your ass in court, too.”
    -“Y’know, if this game were made in 1991, I’d be the one whacking YOU with a health bar.” (specific quote against Deadpool)

  4. Win Quotes (spoken):
    -“I wish my cases were this quick!”

  5. Character health variables:
    Sent - 1.3mil
    Thor - 1.25mil
    Hulk/Haggar/Tron - 1.2mil
    She-Hulk - 1.15mil
    Chris/Taskmaster/Wesker - 1.1mil
    Captain America/Spencer - 1.05mil
    Dormmamu, Doom, Ryu, Skrull - 1mil
    Iron Man, Morrigan, Joe, MODOK, Wolverine - 950k
    Dante, Viper, Deadpool, Hsien-Ko, Spidey - 900k
    Felicia - 875k
    Chun, Magneto, Storm Trish - 850k
    X-23 - 825k
    Amatarasu, Zero, Akuma, Arthur - 800k
    Phoenix/Dark Phoenix 420k


  1. Character Reveal video:

  2. Official Gameplay videos:

  3. Consumer Electronics Expo 2011 videos:

  4. MvC3 FightClub Birmingham videos:

Credit to BronzeFist (all works to him)


Umm… interesting thread title. Maybe… you could insert a Sensational in there somewhere?


Shoot, I forget about it. I will change it in one or two days.

Sensational She-Hulk: Super Strong Lawyer. Take you to Court!

Good Title?


wtf? how?


Trailer from IGN:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - She-Hulk Trailer Video - Xbox 360 - IGN


So from what we’ve seen Shulkie is nothing like her cousin. Her game seems to revolve around a running game (much like Guy’s or Fuerte’s) which can end in either a close-line or a slide. One of these punches seems to produce an instant stun affect (although I think this is a different move). On top of that she has an anti-air flip kick ala Guile and a wall dive, so she seems to have much more maneuverability… on top of hitting really hard.

Her three specials including a wall bounce into auto-combo which seems to be a combo finisher as the juggle hit box is HUGE. She has a command throw and finally she has what looks to be a counter-hit Level 3 much like DP’s.


So she is a hybrid fuerte/r mika/cammy




definitely gonna try her, trish and x-23 first!
I like the characters capcom are picking for the marvel side, theyre getting some oddballs in the game and leaving the mainstream ones.


Can’t wait to try her out


Worst character Marvel has ever come up with, and this from the company that gave us Paste Pot Pete.

… Ok now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I like that ‘stun’ move, but she’s depressingly ‘Fuerte-ish’. That’s not a good thing.

On the positive, a mobility-based grappler is what they need to do. No Zangief-style, but more like this.


Yes!!! My favorite marvel female hero!


Hang on, she doesn’t have a sword or a scarf. Something is very wrong…

Oh well, she may be a boring choice, but that car hyper is really creative.


I’m hyped that she is in since I really want to play as her. I agreed with car hyper; and it do suit her due to her bad luck with cars.

edited: How do i change the first title to this; Sensational She-Hulk: Super Strong Lawyer. Take you to Court!


Suggesting for thread subtitle: Single Female Lawyer

(ala Futurama)

Can’t wait to play her, she’s one my fave Marvel heroines.


LOL at her lvl 3 hyper that is random as hell :rofl:

Well I suppose that silhouette really was She-Hulk when we were speculating, good guess.

so a hybrid grappler eh? Cool.


she looks goofy as fuck, but her moveset is interesting. looks like a vega/maki/fuerte/guy cross


Chick has a flash kick. Now she needs shades.


I’m actually a bit concerned about her moveset. The mobility is good, but a ‘ground run’ based set seems like a really iffy match for a vs. game seems like she’s gonna get lasered all to hell.


I was thinking Maki Cvs2 like, but i can see Elf and R. Mika too. Looks fun though, i like that style of gameplay.


I was thinking Maki Cvs2 like, but i can see Elf and R. Mika too. Looks fun though, i like that style of gameplay.