The Sensational She-Hulk #1: Haters Went Wild

It looks like it may require that you call assist just before doing it, to both protect you and also possibly combo after the wall bounce. But It would be rediculous if you were forced to XFC as the only means to combo with it solo. c.A just makes sense…

Yea hopefully there is more to it than meets the eye, there is nothing I hate more than getting a brand spanking new move that is completely and utterly useless or extremely situational.

From what I read, the pole swing cannot be cancelled into or out of. Also when shulkie successfully hits someone with the move she flicks her hair right after so a follow up combo is very minimal. I don’t see this move of any use unless paired with an assisst, but who knows maybe capcom will change the properties before the final build is released.

I read that the pole swing could be canceled into Runner’s Stance… 0_0

Again to many wall bounce moves, how are we suppose to do super after that, plus having clothesline wall bounce as well which will be using alot now…

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It is a subtle, but intentional nerf to She-Hulk. The wall-bounces are added so we can’t get 3 hits of super. I blame Justin and Peter. :slight_smile:

How noticeable is the speed reduction on SheHulk? Well I assume speed reduction because they said she was made heavier and was originally too light!

I doubt she will move like Hulk, more like Dorm most likely

Cool seeing the videos it doesnt look to drastic! They removed the TAC relaunch didnt they?

As i stated combo from clothesline but just cant wrap my head around wat to do at the end >.>. we cant even get the starting of the emerald sigh…

There is a new emphasis on TAC’s in combos now, with the added side-TAC taking meter from the opponent, so it’s very likely that we’re expected to TAC at the end of her combos (when we don’t want to attempt a reset). It adds to the theory that Shulk has become a battery character.

I’ve been playing ultimate all weekend pretty much and to be honest she hulk is pretty bad now.

-Her “new” slide is awful now, it can no longer be used as a viable whiff punish, instead you’ll get counter whiff punished for even trying.
-She cant self otg mid screen now, the torpedo pushes the opponent too far
-Her air throw is still great but if you use it mid screen you’ll have to do torpedo xx hyper to do any real damage.
-Lamp post (backwards H) is almost useless because of the huge start up and if you do decide to use it you have to cover it with an assist. However it can be followed up with an otg torpedo but since the lamp post uses a wall bounce you wont get much damage off of it especially since you cant re-launch mid screen .
-She Hulks armour run is only useful if the opponent is full screen pretty much not doing anything and lets you charge it up and even then they can easily hyper punish, throw or jump.

Overall Capcom made it harder to do any real damage with she hulk or get in on the opponent in a game they specifically redesigned to be based more around zoning. She hulk has officially lost her slave name.

I remember before vanilla MvC3 even came out and the first videos of shulk were released, all I could see was Ultra David mashing low A. I’m glad they took that out.

can anyone tell me what she-hulk says during emerald cannon and follow ups?
Ready or not!


I’ll try to make the best I can of the new castrated She-Hulk in Ultimate. but my hopes are not high…

here’s a couple tournament sets of my She-Hulk



sipping as much of that Haggar assist koolaid that i can before Ultimate! hi-ya! Enjoy

Ok, there’s a question I’ve had in mind for weeks, and Im just gonna ask in case someone happens to know the answer: Can she combo the pole swing after standing H? Because that would be pretty darn sexy.

That slide was the best feature for She Hulk and her most useful tool… and now they gave it to Hawkeye. I think I’m going to main Hawkeye now just so that I can be reunited with that Slide Kick

I like the new changes with Shulk. I’ll probably put her on a team with Haggar and Cap. Nasty left/right up/down mixups with this team. She still has her wavedash and that lightpole will be good for whacking assists away. It’s like the pipe, but with better range and better reward.

Problem is she stands straight up during her dash and jumps a little. She basically becomes a gigantic target and it’s not even that fast.

I didn’t think so at first, but losing the slide is a huge nerf. I’m thinking the runner’s start armor is there to make up for the fact that getting in will be a nightmare now.