The Sentinel Team Maker Thread



This thread is designed to help ppl come up with a team for umvc3
I’m running Tron (gustaff fire) Sentinel (drones upward) & Doom (hidden missles)


damn,these sentinel threads are deader than MVC2


Losing 400k points of health will do that to a character. But the OP ain’t helping the thread out either, don’t just post your team, explain why your running that selection of characters, its a discussion forum and we can’t discuss your team if you don’t tell us why your playing it.

Me personally Im running someone(atm super skrull)/sentinel/trish, Im still looking for a solid point character for the team and at the moment Im settling on skrull since he gets a shit ton of mileage outta drones(who doesn’t?) plus I think he might be able to set-up some nasty resets using the trish peekabo assist. Sentinels in the middle because I like playing sent, but I don’t like playing him without an assist. Peekabo really helps sents game out a lot, he still struggles against keep away, but it helps him deal with rush down characters a lot better. And it sets up a lot of command grabs since it, paired with sents high priority and armored normals, makes people extra scared to push buttons.

Finally trish on anchor because I love her assist a lot and she doesn’t have a lot of bad match-ups(with the original cast anyway). Plus she has the tools to play whatever style best suits the current situation. Also she allows sent to combo his spit into HSF from full screen.


My main team is a Phoenix Wright team, Hsien-ko (Senpu-bu)/Wright (Paperwork)/Sentinel (Drones). Hsien-ko golden armors and switches to PW, who collects evidence with Maya barrier, golden Hsien-ko assist, and Sentinel Drones. If both Lei-Lei and Feenie go down, level 3 Sentinel provides a solid anchor to finish them off.

Actually, though, I’ve been thinking about running an alternate team with Sentinel on point, but I really have no clue as to what assists he would need behind him.


No offense, and this is just my opinion of course, but I think that is a terrible team. Your running two characters that require set-ups to become competitive and an anchor thats extremely hard to play without any assists, I mean what happens when wolverine gets in hsien-kos ass and she never gets started? That PW comes in without that golden assist to cover his evidence search, and logan proceeds to rip him a new one. Then you have sentinel coming in with lvl 3 x-factor, Im sorry but hes not gonna win you too many games against competent opponents. Any team whose plan at the start of the game isn’t “kill the opponent” is already playing at a disadvantage, pair that with the fact that your plan for pretty much the first two seconds is to set your team up to kill the opponent.

Out of curiosity, have you tried this team yet? Because Im certain If you’ve played a few sets against a competent player with this team, I won’t even have to tell you about its flaws, they are extremely obvious.

As for a sentinel on point team, I would only recommend playing him on point if you wanna learn how to play him when he is on point. In my personal opinion, his assist is too good to give up, so if your like me and you enjoy playing sentinel I would recommend the second slot. As for assists that help him out, it depends, if you wanna run more of a keep away style sentinel, then a good beam assist, a trap assist, or an assist like hidden missiles will really help him out. On the flip side, if your playing more of a stomp pressure type sentinel, then an assist like tatsu(ryu and akumas), and a beam assist should help him out. With that said, it would seem that more so than anything our giant robot thrives when he has a good beam assist behind him since it strengthens both his rush down and his keep away.


Storm / Sent / Doom

It took me pretty much all of vanilla and the first week or two of ultimate before settling on this team, and I think it really has incredible synergy. I might occasionally use a different team (I’d probably play my Skrull team vs. Phoenix), but I don’t think I’m ever dropping or changing this one.

Everyone can come back on their own with meter and XF if they have to, everyone has good assists and everyone has good exchange combos (which I feel people overlook way too much, you can do great things with TACs if you actively try to maximize what all of your characters do from it - seeing people exchange into MMHS OTG super makes me cringe as much as seeing people who only do ABC combos).

It’s more or less immune to snapbacks, since every character makes good use of the others’ assists and has good synergy with the other two characters and I can play the team (and have combos and setups) in any order.

Everyone has good DHCs into everyone else from almost any situation. If I want to stay away, anything DHCed to Hailstorm is a fullscreen punish. If I want to rush down, everyone has good cover assists for whoever is on point. Storm has good high/low game, the other two can capitalize off throws and beat other people’s normals. They all have a lot of tools to deal with a variety of situations, which I consider really important, since I hate playing characters that feel limiting.


Sent/Doom is one of the best combinations in the entire game imo, I recently saw dios x cleaning out the box arena stream with your exact team. I was actually just considering running Doom/Sent/Trish. The beautiful thing about this team imo is it can literally handle anything the way I see it(haven’t actually put it into practice yet) and can be played in absolutely any order. If Im dealing with a rush down heavy character like wolvie I switch doom to hidden missiles and I give that home boy all sorts of hell while he is trying to get in, but if Im playing against a more keep away style team I can switch doom to plasma beam and sent can get in there and apply that stomp pressure while the plasma beam both helps him in the projectile battle while simultaneously covering his approach, and while I haven’t tested out the peekabo doom combination Im certain I can find some nice applications for trish assist. Im really excited for this team right now, I honestly don’t know why the idea never crossed my mind.

I gotta give noel brown props, he came up with one of the most annoying combinations in marvel 3 on like week 2 of vanilla(sent with hidden missiles).


i’m using trish/sentinel/wesker with trish using low voltage assist. this was actually my first team in vanilla but i used a different order of wesker/sentinel(bomb assist)/trish(peekaboo assist)

i always felt that sentinels best spot is the middle character. prior the health nerf in vanilla, he was good as a starter too.

with him in the middle, you get to use him as an assist, a fairly safe dhc and most importantly, he gets access to assists. sentinel with assist is infinitely better than a lone sentinel sitting on level 3 xfactor.

i use trish as a starter because simply, shes not that great as an anchor. shes definitely usable as an anchor but her coming in last usually means you are on the losing end and she can’t take advantage of her superb keepaway game and you’re forced to rush down. since she does below average damage, she can probably run thru 2 character at most before her x factor expires. as a starter, she can set the tempo and play either a runaway/keepaway game or rushdown. drone assist helps her a lot, whether its runaway or triangle jumping in. wesker assist helps her with unblockables and round harvest combos. when shes down on health, i just sj to the top of the screen, air maximum voltage dhc into sentinel which is usually safe. depending on their health, if i catch an opponent with a combo near the corner, i’ll try to go for her unblockable round harvest set up. air dash d/b, round harvest, tag in sentinel, call wesker, j.h into s, opponent gets hit. if they rather eat the round harvest, i can still try to swat them down with the frying pan

usually, he comes in via maximum voltage xx hsf. if i can get a happy birthday (god, i hate this term) from trish maximum (air) voltage xx hsf xfc, i will most likely take it under most circumstances. i’ll try to go for unblockables with his flying game + wesker assist and i’ll use trish low voltage assist to cover the ground in a projectile war while i try to approach from the sky. mainly my game will be consisted of spit xx fly from afar and stompdown from close.

before i always used him in all my teams, but level 3 x-factored wesker is simply a too big of a threat to be ignored. everything he does becomes even safer, he can self launch without an assist. and he has the most health of this team. you can literally kill a character in less than 3 seconds and if they wont die, the otg xx team super cancel into maximum wesker will kill pretty much almost all characters along his shades coming off. i have trishs low voltage assist dedicated for him to do relaunch combos if he comes to play without using x-factor.


I’m one of those people who has nothing but love for the big robot.
My team in UMVC is GhostRider/Hulk/Sent but in Vanilla it was Wolv/Hulk/Sent.
Long live the Robot. Haters gonna hate.


I run Trish Peekaboo/ Wesker Gun shot/ Sent Drones

Trish- can really decide the pace of the match, able to rush down at the beginning if needed or play run away if the team i am playing against is rush down style. With this i like to at least get 2 bars so that i can catch them with Voltage Super or Round Harvest if she has a lot of red life and DHC into Wesker

Wesker ( starting off with no glasses due to DHC) - this is where i like to call drones the most cause i would call him teleport behind or enough to get Sent off screen that way drones are coming in and i can pick my options. If drones hit i am going to just go into the basic bnb with Wesker, If its hovering over the opponent and they are blocking then i will just walk up command grab to start a combo. OR if your getting hit by Drones but blocking then i would still go for command grab or teleport to the other side to get another mix up

Sent- now if Sentinel does come in the match without a DHC then something i did was wrong, simple as that. Sent should never really be in the match at all unless I DHC to kill off a character or i hard tag him for the unblockable. but other then that he should never be in the match alone sitting with no x-fac. If it comes down to me Sent with level 3 x-fac then i would wait for a hit confirm into a simple cr M , S, M,M,S otg into Super (x-fac relaunch/super if needed). on the incoming character i would call drones. now if I time it right, i am calling Sent drones like a second before the next character to come in. With this situation, the opponent has nothing to do but super or fall down and block. Now if they super, simple i block and play it normally like i would above. If they fall and block the drones, right before drones put them into block stun i would walk up command grab to finish the round

IF at any point all I have is Sent in and the other opponent has 3 characters then i immediately know something went wrong with Trish because she is the person that is supposed to set the pace for the match.

For my team its Battery/User/Assist

now i am never really calling out Wesker unless its mid combo to otg or he is called out to create the unblockable.
So if somehow Trish and Sentinel are caught and killed (hoping they use x-fac to kill both)
That leaves me Wesker with x-fac level 3 with a lot of meter. which still allows me to win the match with a %70 chance ( yes thats how good Wesker is)

Any Questions about my team? anything set up you don’t understand? anything else i have not discovered with my team? let me know please : )


You know, more often lately I’ve been getting sick of playing slow, slow characters that have to lug around desperately until they finally manage to get close enough. Like Hsien-ko and Phoenix Wright. But not Sentinel, who has surprisingly good mobility. So I’ve come up with this team: Sentinel (Drones)/Doctor Strange (EoA or Bolts)/Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer). Sentinel has a fast dash and flight, Strange has his ridiculous teleport, and Morrigan has flight and her interesting flight dash.

Sent is on point, though I could put Strange on point if it works better. Drones do what Drones do, plus they help Strange with teleport mixups. Dark Harmonizer gives both of them meter, and I kind of a fan of meter. Now, Bolts of Balthakk is an overall solid assist for Sentinel, but I’m liking Eye of Agomatto a lot. Not only are they great for defense, they’re also better for Sent’s offense than you might think: not only can they very easily extend combos, but when I’m a little less than full screen away, it just sits there on the ground, keeping opponents outside of it; and right into range of Sentinel’s air normals and M Rocket Punch.

EDIT: Actually, despite that last post, I’ve actually been using Sentinel/Trish/Morrigan instead, although literally the only reason for this is because I’ve been wanting an all-pink team. But I’m not sure which assists to use for Sent and Trish. Sentinel’s Drones are always useful, but Trish kind of needs an OTG in Rocket Punch, whereas Trish’s Peekaboo is nice to have, but since it’s not really as good as Strange’s EoA, Sent might want Low Voltage instead.


Personally I go with drones and peekabo, drones because everyone benefits from having some drones backing them up and peekabo because it does more for sent than low voltage. With that said, I think with trish you can honestly run any of her 3 assists to great effect since they are all useful.

Personally, I’ve been having doubts about my Sentinel/trish pairing, been considering maybe switching it to Trish/Sentinel/Akuma, Akuma seems to do more for sent than trish and Im just generally having an identity crisis right now. Any opinions? My old team was either Doom/Sentinel/Trish or Dormammu/Sentinel/Trish, but Im considering maybe Trish/Sentinel/Akuma.


You can try Doom/Sent/Akuma


lol going around spreading the foot dive gospel eh? Nah dooms on one of my other teams and I don’t like overlapping characters so ill run trish for now, and ill see how that works out for a bit.


Nemesis (either launcher slam or rockets)/ Sentinel (drones)/ Spencer (vert)

I find Nemesis and Sentinel are pretty darn good friends. They both have long ranged normals, hit like a bus full of fat people, and their DHC’s are like a dream. Drones help Nemesis get in, and Nemesis can actually get alot of mileage out of using them for extending combos in the corner. Sent gets an armoured GTFO move from launcher slam, or a high damage projectile to cover his approach that is tall enough to actually cover his from in flight mode. Sent also gets BioHazard Rush as an emergency DHC option, which is the best hyper for DHC wars in the game IMO. Spencer gives Sent… spencer, what else is there to say?


im seriously considering Sent(Drones)/Dorm(Pillars)/Mags(EM D) i was fiddling around with some teams and found that this one really shuts down and punishes players. disrupter really helps sent, but i tried using pillars as dorms assist, and i was pleasantly surprised how useful it is to sentinel. for lack of a better word, its like a big jam session. it pins down blocking players, and sentinel is one of the few characters ive used that can combo off of a hit pillar with great ease. obviously drones can help dormammu (though i’ll mostly be using disruptah) but i really like having sent on point, and then pulling out dormammu for a mixup/chip game once sent’s done his job or taken too much damage. any thoughts?


I am of the school of thought that Sentinel left by himself is almost a loss if your opponent is competent and so I run skrull(stonesmite)/sent(drones)/akuma(tatsu). I agree, drones are GDLK but I hate leaving him as anchor, so I agree with people that say his best spot is 2nd.

Drones are great for skrull to set up meteor smash crossups or command grabs and linking two infernos.

I love when skrull dies cus then I get to smash heads with sentinel. With akuma backing him up, his weakness of getting rushed down is toned down a bit. I also like to double jump and fly over the opponent as i call akuma, and that creates a crossup sometimes which i can easily hit-confirm with the frying pan. Akumas tatsu makes any team better.

When i have sent with stonesmite behind him i like to use it in a few ways. One is to call skrull as i fly over the character. If skrull hits it is easy to hit confirm since stonesmite bounces them off the wall, and i can then hit them with a frying pan. I also like to call skrull when im on the ground. if the opponent sees skrull winding up his fist ready to hit, they tend to want to block and not get hit by skrull, which allows me to run up and command grab.

Also, stone mite lets you wallbounce after an otg rocket punch, which lets you use hyper sentinel force if you time it right, and then add a plasma storm after if youre close enough. Also, combo into HSF and/or plasma + inferno = will kill almost anyone.

Anyway, thats my team, skrull/sent/akuma. And i honestly love playing them in any order because all of their assists compliment each other and they all make great xf3 anchors (sent glowing red is always a scary sight).

And of course they all have to be wearing their black outfits. I love my team of very evil characters. And hitting people with Sentinel feels SOO GOOD. i love the big ol’ robot.


Kusoru stole my idea. I fly over people’s heads with sentinel while calling skrull’s stone smite assist that wallbounces them, giving me an easy hit confirm. congrats to that dude taking FR.


Morrigan/Doom/Sent or Morrigan/Sent/Doom? Opinions?
Morri: Dark Harmonizer
Doom: Hidden missiles
Sent: Currently running drones (charge), but am considering messing around with bombs


Morgan/Doom/Sent much better team order. Sent can get a lot more with lvl3 x-fac instead of doom. Plus Sent doesn’t really benefit that much with an assist compared to Doom.