The SF:AE Ultracade Board: Can it revive A3?

Finally, a widely available arcade board with all of CPS1 & 2’s SF releases. Considering that lack of arcade boards was considered one of the major reasons behind A3’s waning popularity, could this board bring it back to the tournament scene?

It’s way too damn late. SFA3 and other great classic 2D games won’t ever get revived while kids are fed Grand Theft Auto bullshit. Other than Madden and FPS games kids don’t even think of videogames as a “skill” anymore, and all their friends play scrub games, so why spend hours practicing obscure VC’s in a game from 1998 with shitty graphics that none of their friends play.

I’d say the entire arcade scene needs to be revived first.

Even worse than that, the emulator doesn’t even run it at full framerate expect massive slowdown and missed combos as the norm when playing this version. That’s only from watching a friend play A3. I’m not gonna bother checking the other games after seeing how A3 played.

I’ve noticed that certain old Ultracades seemed to run worse than others for instance SHGL and Corona Lazer Tag’s hardly slowed down while others could barely play the games. Pc problems or just bad choices from the people choosing the pc to run it?

A3 is seeing a revival…on kaillera.

Will it ever make a come back in U.S. arcades? Not likely.

This is so damn true

Can’t you put whatever PC you want in the arcade cab? Maybe some of them have shittier computers with less RAM than others. I think the ultracade is just a dongle for a PC in a mame cab isn’t it?

Yeah, because sports and FPS games weren’t popular in 1998 :rolleyes:

You guys need to stop blaming other genres for the failure of 2D fighters.

Holy Neo Geo, Batman…err TaiChi!

Your reading comprehension is remedial.

I don’t believe you can, if you could you could just create a Mame cabinet and they would not be able to sell their other game backs via cd like the midway/taito packs.

These discs enable the use of specific games that are then loaded on to the PC. Unlike a traditional bootleg Mame cabinet which is limited only by what type of pc, control panel, and roms are put together.

Also: listed on the Ultracade spec sheets:

#6. Ruggedized Proton III multi-game computer system with USBlinx JAMMA connectivity for plug n play integration into existing arcade cabinets.

I own few standard cabinets and pc boards (SF2Hyper. MvC2, SFA3) but I never messed with an ultracade myself.

^Is “ruggedized” even a word? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, tho, that description sounds like a cabinet with Ultimarc hardware…but with proprietary software. I’ve never seen an Ultracade…what does it look like when you change games? Are the games all running in the background, and when you switch, attraction mode is already going; or, does it boot from the ROM initialization screen?

Nothing can revive A3 or SF for that matter. Its done.

People just don’t want to invest the time into getting good at a fighter.
Read ctrlaltldel-online’s previous news page, he comments about how Mortal Kombat was fun for him until 3 came out and it got “too complicated” and lost its charm for him.

I like ctrlaltdel and all, but he’s exactly the reason why the genre is dying.
MK is such a shallow game, lol. Dial-a-combos are hardly “complicated”.
God help him if he ever tried to get into Street Fighter 3 or something.

Most people have trouble getting moves and combos down.
80% of the fighting game population never gets to the point where they even think about things like mind-games, traps, etc.
They’re too busy trying to get a super to come out.

Fuck GTA, what is wrong with the ppl these days.

I agree it’s late too. With 3rd Strike out no one will hardly touch A3. What does GTA have to do with fighting games? That’s a whole other genre.

What is the average teen (who is fucking braindead) with no prior SF experience more likely to do:

-Pick up GTA and learn the game in five minutes, talking about how he “blowed shit up” with his buddies, or

-Play an obscure ugly graphic’d game from 1998 his friends have no idea how to play, and spend time mastering VCs, Guard breaks and all the things needed to become a competant tourney player? I assume by “revive A3” we’re talking about the tournament scene since this is SRK and no one here gives a shit if someone is really really good when they only play with their small group of friends.

The point is that 2D fighters are too difficult to learn if you’re starting out- unless your friends are into them, no one bothers to play them. I certainly wouldn’t have loved fighting games the way I do if in 1992 I had such awesome times at the arcade waiting sometimes 30 minutes to play SF2 in the middle of crowds.

You got a point. Most people are too lazy to try to learn anything these days. There are some people who are too lazy to learn a juggle in Tekken 5.

Console A3 > Ultracade A3.

It’s that bad?!