The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


I’ll definitely catch that stream.


I keep forgetting this is a thread.


Maaaan I wish I could find my copy of that. I bet my folks threw it out but that was an amazing guide book!


I still got the poster too! Hanging in my bedroom.


I never realized how badass HF was until I came back to SF2 and played ST lol! I mean ST is good and all but it’s not HF.

I remember you guys were having (or trying to have anyway) a tourney here. What ended up happening with that? What version of the game did you use? Was it just Anniversary Edition with HF characters?


What are the best emulation options for HF at the moment? Mame is still way too fast.


HF is still one badass game after 22 years! I’m going to do throwbacks on shmupmame to relive the 90s.
Damn I can’t believe I’m almost 40.


When SuperCade finally closes up shop,I will post the 300 or so vids I have of SF 2 HF replays similar to what ggpo archives did on youtube and this forum.

I will not post vids until the servers finally die out so until then continue to enjoy SF 2 HF and other scade games

Prev un seen matches from UltraCombo,OldMastah,Thomas Oskai,Rocky Rose,Fromo and anybody that was anything in sf 2 hf will be posted


Even though I know it’s too fast, I don’t mind the faster speed on MAME.

What about the Capcom Arcade Classics titles? How accurate are those? Capcom even released this Capcom Arcade iPhone app where the speed seems pretty close (playing it on a touch screen being the drawback, but it’s still fun.)


I know it’s probably not the right speed but has anyone tried playing this in There’s no one in thenCE or HF rooms. I’d love love to actually play a real human at this as I really prefer HF to ST where SF2 is concerned


I’d be up for playing some Hyper Fightan’ on Fightcade. Surprised me as well that nobody is playing it on there, meanwhile people are flooding garbage like SvC Chaos.


Isn’t that version of hyper fighting bad or something?


Hyper Fighting was the best version of SF2


Me too. I can’t seem to find the right rom for it but I’ll keep looking.

And yeah I can’t believe there are so many people playing SvC. X_X Once in awhile I see someone (usually a Japaneser) in the CE room but they’re only there for a sec.

I don’t think it’s necessarily BAD, it’s just not emulated at the right speed.


Well here’s something I haven’t seen documented before, and I thought I had tested it before but apparently I was wrong.

SF2:SCE on the Genesis allows CPS1 chains.
SF2T (and WW) on the SNES does not.

You can do,, cr.HP as a link on the SNES, but not as a CPS1 chain.

Can someone else confirm this please?


Just tested out Ryu’s Cr. LK x2 into st. HP and it comboed. CPS1 chains seem like they work in that port yeah.


Hey guys i am reguraly on supercade and fightcade lurking aroung for some hf challengers…lets get back the passion for this great game…if anyone wanna contact me they can pm me here


i peaked with ce, after that i just got too busy with school. and bison’s 7-hit was dope (they even removed it on anniversary edition)




So New Zealand basically has taken the game over but I’ve never seen a full tier list from them it’s been years and since a game like this gets such high level play tiers have to change some I don’t see why people use to think guile was top in this clearly it’s Ryu amazing fireball recovery and speeds great tatsu And normals then sagat with fireball speed tiger knee to dash in and jumping rh then after that is a mix up of ken blanks guile gief we all know bisons bottom with vega under him