The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


I don’t see NZ’s tier list as being any different than the generally excepted one, really. I would tend to agree that Guile isn’t repped as hard as his tier would suggest, I guess he’d be the one that might get shifted down a tad.


I don’t know anyone who actually thought Guile was at the VERY top. He’s a good character – no doubt – but it’s been commonly accepted that Blanka was the best for a long time, until people figured out that Ryu can beat Blanka, and then Ryu remained the absolute best character for many years.


Tomo list had him at the top even Jeff once posted him Ryu and blanka as top



I always assumed Ryu Guile & Sagat were the top 3 in this game but that’s interesting about Blanka.

Is anyone playing this on FightCade these days? I think I had trouble finding the right rom for it.


I’m always down for Hyper Fighter on Fightcade.


Seems like a lot of the old school heads think that Blanka is the best character in the game. I can see why. Great footsies, great priority on jump attacks, an upball that can be used as a combo and a mixup AND a tool to get in, etc…

But no doubt, Ryu, Guile, Sagat are up there with him.


Where’s everybody from? It might be fun to get a few people on FightCade one of these days and play a few matches. I think I got my ROM situation figured out, so I’d be down to do it.


That actually sounds great.
I’m super terrible at that game, can’t even do shoryukens reliably, but heck if there’s people to play with I’m down.
Problem is that I’m from Europe and you guys are prolly from Cali, huh?


I’m from NY.


I’m not amazing myself, but it would be fun to play. I’m actually from the midwest USA, so it would be an hour closer to you more than likely. Where in Europe are you from?


Germany, but like I said I’m total shit.
Last time I played was like 20 years ago on SNES.


I’m from Europe though.
I haven’t played HF, but ST is one of my favorite fighters so I’m probably down for some rounds.


It might still be fun to throw down one of these days. Seems like Champion Edition gets the most SF2 love outside of ST on FightCade, which is a shame. If you guys are down, let’s set up a time to play. I’m kinda on vacation for the next week or so, so my schedule is a bit more free.


Anyone been playing this much lately?


Play HF a bit at the local barcade. Still love it.


There’s a barcade here in town and I wound up playing some MK2, SF2, & Final Fight. Fun times, man it makes me want to get a bunch of machines myself. I haven’t seen a HF machine in ages though, and none of those multigame cabinets ever seem to have it. Only Champion Edition.


Yeah , never see Hyper Fighting in the Chicago area, a lot of janky Champion edition floating around.


SF2HF Wiki will be finished next week


I saw you’d been doing some work… I got burnt out capturing hitboxes and frame data years ago :confused: