The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


I have problems updating some hitboxes nowadays man,about your ones said that don’t have persmission


Burnt out with SFV and trying to get back into some hyper fighting, but its always so dead on fightcade man. I have a pretty decent connection to US east, so if anyone wants a few games holla at me.

Update: I just found out why no one plays it on there. It plays really really turtle speed on there. That sucks


yooo bro…mrmention on fightcade…when u wanna fight just pm me or if u see me online we could fight


Can’t you adjust the game speed via the test menu? Or no? Mention it to Pof and he might try to change it to a different rom with faster speed.


The game always desyncs for me on FightCade. That’s why we play HSF2 with HF characters instead.


What game speed do you guys use?


HF has one fixed turbo speed, not selectable.


Oh yeah, I’m aware of that.
What I’m asking is, what speed do you use on HSF2 to simulate SF2HF.
I’ve read that Turbo 0 is the closest, but that seems odd, because SSF2 was that speed, and it was slower than SF2HF.


My bad, sorry.


Sorry for the double post.

I just recently moved to Colombia, Bogota. Ad there are some small gatherings of HF arcade here and there.

While not high level or anything, here are some sets. Enjoy!


Wow, cool to know HF is alive there and in other small locations from New Zealand to Trinidad.
I have watched you MK2 related stuff for years btw.

In other news, there will be a Snes HF tourney at a HongKong retro event on the 12th:


Thanks my friend!


Stream VOD of the HK retro event tourney.


Hyper fighting seems to run at so many different speeds in videos. Usually seems barely faster than CE.


Here are some good matches for you guys from us in Trinidad.


Man, I LOVED these matches! Thx for putting them up and glad to see the FGC on Trinidad! Loved the last OG vs New hahahaha too good thr ending!

Please do a video tour of that arcade room someday!



Thanks Hanzo. We have another FT10 coming up again soon (tomorrow). We have a good FGC here but most of them play new games. The OG players like us have our own small FGC for Hyper, MVC2, CVS2, SFEX2+ etc but we hyper is the best tho.

@Crayfish where you guys play. We might wanna get an exhibition match with some top US players if they’re still around. (Although we aren’t that great on fightsticks tho)


My friend, in this vid I see an UMk3 machine at the right of HF! Does that game gets play over thre?

EDIT: And Capcom Fighting Jam at the left! YAY!


@Hanzo_Hasashi yes we had a couple very good Kabal, Nightwolf, H Smoke, Jax, Scorpion, Sub Zero players but they moved the umk3 on the left was prob CVS2. We haven’t recorded for a while though I’ll try to put something up soon


Thx my friend! You owe me the video tour! haha (JK)

On other news, I had a pair of sets vs a local good player, here they are. Sorry for the shakiness and the camera angle!

Edit: all vids up!