The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


So cool seeing all the different CPS1 SF2 scenes still hanging in there around the world. The Caribbean, South America, New Zealand and China all still have active scenes!
Thanks for posting the vids guys. Unfortunately Im in the UK so very far from all of you.

Btw guys, now that u can finally be in MULTIPLE rooms on fightcade2, I think it will be allot easier to find games on there. Open beta is days away afaik.


Not days away. It’s open now.

Open to all who have made Fightcade accounts in 2014 or 2015.


I have an old account and downloaded the beta, but it’s just an emulator. There’s no client.


A couple matches with an old top player visiting from the UK he’s rusty as he’ll tho


That’s strange. Should be a new client integrated with Discord along with the emulator. Might need new ROMs or transfer your old ones over.

Which site did you go to?


Awesome stuff! Haha Dpugla failing 2 critical SRKs and hs expression haha that happens.

Some more matches from Bogota, this time, there were 7 players. Sadly I could not record them all. I was Honda, Guile and Vega.

HF was SUPER HYPE last night!


I got the client working but it doesn’t seem to like any of my roms from the old fightcade.


Quite a lot of games have updated ROMs. You’ll need to download new ones. It should tell you which version you’ll need to download. Google up those versions, find (legally) sourced ROMs with the same versions in their titles, and away you go.


A some more matches from Bogotá


watson…can u tell me if back in your day there were any good honda players and if yes what was their strategies vs shotos and other characters in the game…thx


El trouble whats your nick name on Fightcade? mines is MR.mention…hope to play u in Hf bro…in either fightcade 1 or 2


Only good Honda players I’ve heard about in hearsay was Tomo Ohira and Kuroppi. Tomo Ohira is of course a legend, but he also played a lot of Honda in the WW/CE days according to the guys who played with him at Super Arcade back in the early 90s.

Kuroppi is still active. Not so much in terms of being a competitive player, but he still helps organize a lot of ST tournaments as well as occasionally playing in them despite his abundant lack of practice.

I’m eltrouble on Fightcade, but I never play on there.


So what’s the best way to play Hyper Fighting online currently?


Fightcade 2 if you have access to it


Sad guys, we will need a new place to talk:


I guess it’s time to follow the trend and take it to social media, discord, and reddit like everyone else.


There’s gonna retro gaming festival at the Pomona Fairplex (California) next weekend on Jan 20-21. There will be a 3s tourney and a HF tourney there with prizes. For more info on the event go to :


Happy to see SRK back!

This channel has lots of HF tourney matches, as well as ST!



A few match vids from Bogota, Colombia!


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The link doesn’t work. Can anyone reupload the content?

Also what are the best anti-air options as Chun vs Shotos?