The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


I discovered some new new tech with ryu and ken. When you are waking up in this game your hurtbox height increases for a few frames, if ken or ryu do an instant air tatsu during these frames it will hit crouching/standing opponents and it’s unblockable. Your opponent can’t reversal throw because you are airborne and kens will dizzy 99% of the time. The only problem with this is I’m not sure if it’s possible for a human to do an air tatsu that fast (I’m using a wii controller so it’s hard to test)


I think that is some kind of old concept used for ST combovids I have seen long time ago. Yes, you need one analog holding up and with the pad input the motion for the tatsu. IDK if tigerkneeing the motion works tho.


I’ve tried the tiger knee method . What I did was ↓↙← ↑+(Savestate). If I load state and press nothing ken will neutral jump, if I load state+ kick a grounded tatsu will come out. I have also tried ↓↘→ ↑+(savestate) If I load state and press punch, hadoken will still come out. Does this mean you can cancel the start up frames of a jump into any special move? I’ll do more testing once I get my hands on 30th anniversary.


I got my ps2 pad working on ggpo and I was able to pull it off a few times. Ken is top tier now.




Are frame traps with normals a viable option in this game? After a jump in you could walk out of throw range and do a crouching light into jump roundhouse cancel into tatsu with ken or ryu. I’ve never seen anybody do this though.


Apoc has been posting some HF vids since the release of 30th edition:


I watched the first three minutes and that’s an aggressive Ken. Fun to watch. Will watch the rest later.


Chance to hopefully watch Watson live:


Bad day today in SF30th…Anybody got vids w/ Zangief vs Blanka & Zangief vs Sagat. I need to watch some gameplay to see what i can do. Blanka seems impossible.




Found another unblockable that is pretty easy to pull off.



Wow! Many OG names in there! Like Martin Vega! Watss! OG Ken!

Beautiful matches!!!

I wish I could play Watts some day! (Yep, he will wipe me out hahaha)

Edit: I got triggered, so we are hosting an HF arcade tourney this wed in Bogotá, Colombia!

Saty tuned!!!


Very cool. I’m assuming it will be filmed?


You have some of the most beautiful women in the world there in Bogota, good luck with the tourney.
Post vids here if u can.

Also guys, follow LeRaldo’s Twitch for high level HF from Fightcade:


It was moved one week more for better repairs on the cab! Everything will be filmed!

And yes! Girls are PRETTY here! <3



What a night! 17 players! From 2 small children to many OGs amd even some KOF and MK players joined!

A 2 part tournament that has on part 1 the full winners bracket and part 2 losers bracket and grand finals.

Sadly 4 players had to leave due to time constraints and they were good players.

I ask forgiveness for that and will ensure that the next tourney will start earlier!

Some parts of the tournament were comentated in english but spare my bad english!

Here you go! Enjoy!


Great stuff.
Also Mikado game center in Japan just ran a World Warrior session: