The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


Nice, i wish there was a Hyper Fighting tournament in my area.


Why does the random damage suck so much for Gief. Yet Sagat gives out so much. Can someone help me with this matchup. I cant beat Sagat w/ Gief.


I’ve been gone a long time until recently. Is there still a link in this topic to a table that shows all the matchups and gives them a rank (5 being an even matchup, 4 being not so good, 6 being good, etc.)? I did look for it two or three times but couldn’t find it.



New Zealand is one of the last places you can still find HF cabs in the wild:


Can Somebody explain how this is possible when Kens tatsu has no invisibility?


Maybe it skipped the frame where his hurtbox collides with the fireball’s hitbox.


Who is Sagat’s worst matchup? How would you rate it? Is it worse than Ryu’s matchup against Balrog? Thanks to anybody who wants to answer.

I have a dedicated Hyper Fighting arcade cabinet in my house and my schedule is changing so that I’ll have a bit more free time. I’ve got a couple buddies who are eager to play (me too). I think it will be a regular thing starting soon. I play Ryu and Sagat and one of the guys uses Ken/Ryu/Honda. I’m better with Ryu than Sagat but I’m considering focussing more on Sagat and trying to get strong with him. Ryu is more natural and intuitive but I know Sagat some too and Sagat is a blast to play with.



ken and ryu can trap Boxer in the corner forever. If you keep throwing reversal light hadokens (or as close as possible) at a specific range He can’t jump and he can’t punish with turn punch. You can plink and double tap fireballs for easier timing.

Dhalsim can easily trap ken and ryu in the corner forever by throwing out light yoga fires. They have no options at all. Definitely their worst match up in my opinion.


Nice to see people talking strategy. I feel like Ryu can get out of the corner against Dhalsim. What about wake up hurricane kick using the invincibility frame, or just block the first yoga fire and then start throwing your own, and then work from there?


Fierce hadoukens vs light yoga fires = fireball in Dhalsim’s face pretty soon, no?


I have already tested all options. Dhalsim will always be throwing his fireball before yours, so he can punish you after they clash. You can’t tatsu, neutral jump, forward jump or air tatsu. I’ve had a few Sim players do this to me in st.


According to wiki one of sagats worst MU’s is blanka. I don’t know much about sagat though.


Thanks. I could see that being the case. TU doesn’t have great priority and Blanka’s jumping attacks do. Early or late TU can help Sagat though.


That’s the one thing I hate about sf2, a professional can lose to a novice because of a bad mu. Modern fighting games are better in so many ways because they can be updated at any time to fix any bugs, broken mechanics and bad mu’s.


No offense, but I dont think this apply in true, arcade, offline enviroment. Try to trap Watson or other OG with those.

Ryu can definately escape the fireball trap micro walking and blocking till tatsu distance.

About Rog: how is that trap possible when you cant grab characters out of hit/blockstun? (He indeed has a hard time vs shotos tho)


By the time ryu and kens blockstun ends, dhalsim is already throwing another fireball. you can only walk forward for about 1 frame but sims next fireball will just push you back.

Because of balrogs slow jump the fireball will always hit him before he fully rises. Balrogs only option is to turn punch which you can easily punish on reaction with dp at that range. I never said anything about throwing. All the OGs on here say Balrog has the advantage 7-3 or 8-2.

I have seen some of the best players in the world lose to a less skilled player because of a 7-3 or 8-2 mu. I would love to see watson fight a gief player with bison. Once gief gets a knowdown he can throw loop you over and over. It’s not even about skill anymore, just hoping the other player makes an input mistake.



Im trying to picture some of these scenarios on my head with no clue as how both traps are so deadly. Would you happen to have a replay of those times you have suffered it? Thx on advance!