The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread

No worries

Last recovery frame of Ryus fireball.

Ryu in neutral for only 1 frame.

Reversal fireball first startup frame. Ryu is already beginning to throw his next fireball long before boxers blockstun has ended. It works the same with dhalsim but its much easier to do with him

A standing fierce would not trade? Or crouching jab or mp?

All normals are beaten cleanly. The only thing he can do is turn punch.

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Same vs Ken? (With the slower startup FB)

Yep same with Ken.

Ignore that last post, I just disproved it. Sorry guys.

Some HF casuals from last night in Bogota. Damn we are rusted!


More casuals


I’m still playing. Anybody else? What platform are you guys playing on?

I realize that almost everybody agrees that Ryu is the best character but how do Ryu’s worst matchups (Balrog and Zangief?) compare to Sagat’s worst matchups (Blanka?)?

Which character is at a greater disadvantage against their worst matchups? I hope this question makes sense.

Also, does Ryu vs Sagat, head to head, favor Ryu slightly?


Just curious: where did you get a matchup chart?

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I think there are links to one or two at the top of the first page of this thread. I don’t think they are very good though. I have never seen a really good one that I agree with.

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It would be really great to have an excellent one as a resource.

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Am I seeing that right? Street fighter super but not super turbo?



Are we able to watch the Super Arcade Hyper Fighting tournament? I’d love to watch a live feed.