The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


The boys jamming with K-1/MMA Legend Mark Hunt! Marks a Hyper Fighting player from way back who has two arcade machines in his gym. Enjoy!



how many stars do you play on?


Won a local HF tourney here in Portland. Best Bout Gaming hosted another tournament for SF2 Turbo on SNES this year at Portland Retro Gaming Expo. It was a 64-person tournament (though only 2/3rds at best actually showed up), single elimination, best 3 out of 5, then best 4 out of 7 in the finals. There were plenty of scrubs, but the whole Best Bout crew and a lot of other really good players made for a pretty exciting tournament, especially the semi-finals and finals.

My buddy Eric also did great, placing 4th. PDX Jive of Best Bout was one sliver away from eliminating me, but I turned it around with a clutch tick throw… My other friend Kevin was tearing it up until he fought Brian Allen in the 3rd Round or so, who had a really interesting style with Chun where he’d spam her light spinning bird kick. Alex Massa who got 3rd (this year and last year) is a super solid purist Ryu. We had epic mirror matches like last year.

Chris Tang, who I faced in the finals had me sweating… Apparently he’s an LA OG from the arcade days and actually worked for Capcom at one point. His Ken is FIERCE. I was down 3-1 and had been using Ryu exclusively in the tourney up until this point, then I switched to Guile because I felt his Ken was too defensive and I’d be able to turtle up better. Turns out that’s what saved me… He also switched to Guile in the last match, but I don’t think he knew the trick for maximum Sonic Boom charge time (charge back, press forward, back, and then hit punch), so I was able to out-boom him.

My prize? A secret challenger after winning, ala Akuma, who was the champion I lost to last year. Let’s just say I got my revenge (4-0)… Still, LordBBH is an amazing player and he was playing cold after all. His commentary was great, but it would be cool if he entered next year. Oh, they also gave me a SF2 Turbo cart which was cool.

Special thanks to Best Bout Gaming for hosting the tournament, LordBBH for the commentary, and Team Khaos for streaming video! This is the 2nd year we’ve had a SF2 Hyper Fighting tournament, and I hope it’s at every PRGE. Come out next year for the fiercest HF competition in the Northwest!

Check out the semis and finals at least! Very entertaining matches.



I’m down. What part of Canada? As long as love I can use my own stick I’ll be fine. I haven’t played this in ages but would love to get back. My stick is broken at the moment. Hopefully, Voltech gets mine done soon.


Wow, looks like a pretty fun tournament. I wish I could’ve gone. Maybe when I find the money and time to make it up there, I can get a chance to play you guys. I absolutely love playing SNES SF2:Turbo. Just the way the game looks and sounds brings me back to when I was a kid playing this game.


We recently had a small tournament here in Vancouver with a bunch of BC OG’s in it, I will upload match footage as soon as I can! There
were some really nice matches with some decent character diversity, and it is something we are hoping to do every month.


I won a small tourny on SNES at A&C games several years ago, but there were only a few serious players. I’d love to get back into it and learn to play the game at a high level.
What’s the preferred version for this?
I know the XBL port has bad netcode, but other than that I don’t know how accurate it is.
The SNES game is fairly different obviously, but it’s nice to have adjustable speed,
I have Street Fighter Collection 2, which aside from load times is perfect as far as I can tell.


Tbh, the best version to play HF online is to play on GGPO or Supercade.

The XBL version is actually pretty accurate to HF, but the net code is unplayable.

Anniversary collection on PS2 allows you to use a variety of character across all different versions of SF2, but still suffers from odd bugs and balance issues, but it’s still fun to play on.

Of course, the ZSNES played with a rom of SF2:Turbo on the SNES is still an awesome version to play on, and a lot of people used to play on zbattle back in the days.


GGPO doesn’t have HF, though.
Do you mean just picking TURBO mode in HSF2?


Yup, just play HSF2.

Supercade has HF though.


haha good to see you’re on top of things, I was thinking about posting a few of the vids jason took up in here.

loser final, balrog = me :slight_smile:
finals with mark and todd, both are OG as hell and insanely good. neither of them know them new tricks from the world wide web! like cps1 chains and shit…neither post on srk… but both of them still kick my ass with the oldschool basics.


The boys jamming some Hyper Fighting at the DTR Dojo with UFC/Pride & K-1 Legend Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt! YOU DON’T KNOW BOUT DAT ONE!



anyone interested in playing HF on Supercade? PM me.


Cross posted here from an ST thread, because, well, it applies to both, and I actually found it while investigating Hyper Fighting :slight_smile: I’ll update the main HF wiki page at some point with whatever knowledge is useful from it.

Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I used to think that a move being ‘special cancellable’ (able to be cancelled during impact freeze) was some particular property set in the move data itself, and that it was separate from whatever allowed ‘kara cancels’ (able to be cancelled before active frames).

I now believe this isn’t true - I noticed when you perform a standing normal, a memory counter gets set to 5 and then decrements on each frame. When this value is non-zero a special move can be cancelled into. This counter seems to not only control kara-cancels, but special cancels - it is NOT decremented during impact freeze (meaning cancelling into a special move is allowed during impact freeze IF impact freeze occurs during the 5 frames after a normal is started).

Therefore, my theory is that any normal move with a startup of 5f or less (i.e. hits before or on the 5th frame) is ‘special cancellable’.

I was actually investigating Hyper Fighting when I found this, and thought that maybe the behaviour changed for CPS2, since quite a few more moves are ‘special cancellable’ in ST - but from what I can tell they all adhere to this theory as well. For instance, Dictator’s cr.MK which was NOT special cancellable in HF, now is in ST - and indeed its startup is now reduced to 5f (from 6f).

I guess the cancel system therefore is:

5 non-impact-freeze frames of cancellability (the ‘kara cancel’ window) - this so far seems to be character independent, and move independent.
Moves with >5f startup cannot be 'special cancelled’
Moves with >6f startup have regions before active frames where they cannot be kara-cancelled
Moves with <5f startup have regions after impact freeze where they can be special cancelled

It’s possible some option selects could be generated with this knowledge, I guess, but I doubt there are many useful gameplay ramifications from this that can be gleaned. At the very least it means that the task of determining whether a move is special cancellable for frame data tables in the wiki should now be pretty trivial :slight_smile: It’s also a cross-check for frame data being correct - for instance I thought HF Ryu’s cl.MK was special cancellable, but T.Akiba’s frame data claimed it has 5f of pre-active frames (i.e. 6f startup). The correct frame data is 5f startup, and it IS special cancellable :slight_smile:

Interestingly, jumping normals don’t set this memory value, so I’m not currently sure what controls when a jumping normal is special cancellable or not.

Any thoughts, counter-examples etc appreciated.


Does anyone have a scan of the Gamepro HF guide? Or alternatively, a spare copy and a willingness to ship it to New Zealand? :smiley: There are a couple on Amazon but it’d cost me about $30USD to get it here, which seems outrageous…


Tomo, Jeff, Mike Watson on Arcade Releif stream:


i wish HF was mainstream or at least AE…AE was capcoms last sf2 instalment and should have stayed tourney standard if not HF. I agree what tomo said about st how u work real hard for a lead and then lose it quick by like rogs dumb super or the basket ball analogy. Too bad no one had footage of tomo vs jeff on that hf machine before they went to commentate

my user name on supercade is buckaroo banzai if anyone wants a challenge on HF or AE im game especially if any US players which there barely are any on supercade and if there are any there ports arent forwarded : (


They do have footage of Tomo v. Jeff on the HF system, but it was recorded by camcorder by at least 3 people, 2 of which are RedRapper and LAAkira. Hopefully they’ll release the raws of that soon.

I actually agree. HF is a way better game than ST. I truly believe ST would be the most perfect game if they fixed a few glitches, and completely removed supers, and Vega’s ability to land a hard knockdown on hit. Supers completely halt the flow of the match, and is used too often as a crutch to get around the zoning game. Ryu v. Ryu in ST has got to be one of the most beautiful matches in fighting game history, until one of them gets super, now the other does 3 spin kicks to get the super, and now the ENTIRE match has to stop in order to play the mini-game I call, “twitch around at mid screen until somebody blows the super” and then you can resume playing ST.

AE had so many glitches and over-powered characters, it wasn’t deemed a decent competitive game after Evo was over with.


I’m tempted to make an HF rom hack which overwrites all the random damage and dizzy values with just the most common value, that’s pretty much the only thing I think is worth changing.

Sometimes I long for throw softening, but that’s more because of online play/lag than the actual game. Or a quick single backflip for Vega :smiley:


the thing i like to change is put guiles sonic boom recovery back to normal like ce or super…in HF they added 5 frames recovery after a sonic boom which is why u cant back hand ryu in a fireball war