The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


Hmm i like it but i can do with out the random HF dizzys that are in AE no matter which characters u play. and scale down the damage a bit on the ce characters. however those ce and hf versions of characters can really do even vs st rog unlike there st counter parts that get bullied vs st rog


Yeah random dizzy should go. LOL @ Gief headbutt dizzying instantly on hit.


is it my imagination or is Brankas upball done like this ??? charge down-neutral+kick-up ???


From my understanding, Blanka and Honda’s flash kick style motions must end in the UP direction, no diagonals. Kick comes with or after the direction. It’s not like AE Vega walldive…


swear to God fopr the life opf me i cant get it the same way as i would in st. anyways tyhanx flux for the quick answer. is there any yuoutuybe chanellles that gbet upsdated regurlarytl for hf matches. ? one ting that i wish weould chnge aboiut hf is that there is no charc specuialists in hf…everyone plays shotos or guile…=/ I want to see honda masters branka m,asters chun AND GIEF MASTRES =/






I love djfrijoles when he’s drunk and goes rambling on the internet.


Pretty amazing stuff :smiley:

Anyway, HF Blanka balls are unblockable from point blank, so far I’m not aware of any other moves (including any shoto dps) that hit on first frame.

edit: to clarify, this means both upballs and horizontal balls


That seems to be the case. To make up for this, the game allows you to do horizontal ball while keeping a downward charge. So you can do jab ball and immediately followup with up ball. I’m not sure if the same is true for Honda.


I thought of another change I’d make to my HF rom:

Give hurtboxes (vulnerability) to Ryu’s hurricane kick landing/recovery. That thing is annoying to punish and a bit too abusable.

What kind of changes would make Dictator worth playing? I’m thinking maybe reduce the charge time on scissor kicks back down, but make them knock down. Might make for a very strong (re?)dizzy tool though - although that’s how he plays in ST too, horribly weak in some areas but one good touch and you’re dead.


I know this was asked before but I don’t think anyone’s posted a definitive answer (or maybe I missed it).

Has anyone documented the differences (not aesthetic) between the SNES and Arcade versions of HF?

Is it CE or HF where there are differences between the Japanese and US versions? I remember seeing a YouTube vid showing the differences but I forgot the link…


If anyone actually has the ability to make a romhack of Hyper Fighting, please talk to me. I’ve thought about this a huge amount and have a big list of proposed value changes, and certainly Flux, removing the invunerability on Ryu’s hurricane recovery is no.1 on the list*


CE has some different move properties depending on region. Off the top of my head, in the JPN version, claw has the longer roll, boxer calls out the level of his TAP, and Zangief always dizzies with his flying headbutt.


Who´s exactly the #3 character in the game, Sagat or Ken? Sagat seems to fight better against a lot of the lower tiered characters, but ken fight him, Ryu, Guile, Chun and Honda better imo.


I tested this and Honda has the same deal. Sumo Headbutt can retain downward charge, but of course buttdrop requires a strict up direction so drops headbutt charge. Not sure how useful this knowledge is though, really… I’m going to put this kind of info in the wiki movelists. They are getting a bit ugly with so much info crammed into them though :frowning:

I’m certainly interested. I can’t commit any serious time to working on it, but I’d certainly be interested in tinkering with a Hyper Fighting Remix (haha, the connotations!) at some time. I feel there aren’t too many changes really necessary though, it IS afterall a pretty good game already.


That would be cool, especially with GGPO allowing unsupported roms now.
I’m pretty happy with it as is, but I’d like to see new stage and character palettes. I’ve been staring at those same graphics for decades.


GGPO still has the problem with HF desyncing frequently though, doesn’t it? I imagine giving it a slightly altered ROM won’t fix that…


Someone mention color editing?

CPS1 Color format is exactly the same as CPS2 you just have to figure out the locations.


Would be nice to change the HF background colors back the the World Warrior ones, the CE/HF colors are so damn ugly for the most part, but i doubt the origonal color info is still on the board/rom…

p.s they had a white gi Ken in ST, but I’ve always wanted a red gi Ryu!
I think the nicest color schemes they ever did for SF2 were the colors for 2p if u ‘both’ picked the Super SF2 version of a character. Those were an improved and subtle take on the origonal colors.