The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


I like those too, especially Guile’s.


I imagine the background colour changes between versions are palette changes, just like the character colours - rather than completely recoloured graphics. But I’m not sure. Jedpossum probably knows, hell he’s probably even tinkered with the bgs before :smiley:

Might start fiddling over the next couple of days.


A palettes colors the graphics unless they added something to the backgrounds there is nothing to worry about, and yes I have messed with backgrounds before not this game though.

And, it is hard you can easily lose track and mess up to the point you have to restart.
And, save stages for last so you have a back up where you don’t have to do the characters again.
Also, there is multiple dumps of the game for the different versions of MAME, UME out there so some people can have completely different file names inside their zip.
Also, don’t add the chain back on Ken’s stage it is a bigger nuisance than the table on Chun’s 3s stage.
MAKE BACKUPS I can not say that enough


So you are saying some of the elements they removed in revisions are still left in the libraries? Is Sagat’s palm tree still available in CE / HF?
Also, is the old background palette information still on there, or would it have to be re-created from the WW rom data?


The palm tree is most likely still there.
I doubt the WW palettes are still there since the cps1 is way smaller than the cps2.


There’s generally quite a bit of stuff left over in games, has some interesting SF2 related stuff, but also check out the other SF pages. It’s often easier to just not use an element (or move it somewhere not visible) than actually remove it from the ROM, so laziness/time constraints kick in…

Hopefully it won’t be hard at all to rip the palettes from WW and put them in HF, just a matter of locating them.


Ok, well I spent the last day of my holiday pissing around with the HF rom palettes. I’ve found all the locations for the default and alt palettes for all characters, and have a process for modifying them. Current plan is to make all default palettes those from the ST old P2 versions, as you’ve suggested. The alternate palette is up for grabs, although I have a bunch I like (they tend to be dark greys though hahaha).
I’ve also modified the intro texts just for a laugh.

I’m fiddling with palettes first because it’s the bit I had no real idea how to do. Removing most of the randomisation should be trivial, editing moves a bit harder but fairly well documented by other people. Background palettes is probably the hardest - it doesn’t seem obvious how the palettes work as of yet. Although the boss character palettes weren’t obvious either, since even the built-in colour tests only have 1F palettes, none of which correspond to the bosses (or backgrounds). Bit weird, but I might work it out :slight_smile:

I’ve got it all in a git repository so I have plenty of backups and version control. I’d love to put it on google code or github but I really doubt a ROM hack is going to fit into the “open source project” bucket…


Just use mame memory viewer go to the GFX Ram find the palettes. Besides the endian the only difference between the ram and rom(with hex editor) version is the inversion on the brightness level.


Do you mean the mame debug memory viewer with “Region: gfx”? How on earth can you find anything in that? There’s no search or anything…

Or do you mean the ‘show gfx’ option that shows tilesets and palettes etc? I haven’t really got my head around that either yet.


You don’t switch the region. 0x900000 is the GFX ram (and in sf2 it starts with the palettes). The GFX Region is the graphics rom.


It’s so much easier doing this kind of stuff on the console ports. Good luck.



Edit :


Nothing special really but I just want a little more Hyper Fighting videos out there


Dude, this is very exciting, we really need to talk. Can u PM me your Steam account or msn?


I’m making progress on the background palettes - but I noticed something a little odd about Dhalsim’s background. There is mention on about the windows that are obscured by the elephants at either end of the stage (, but what I didn’t know was the window background texture itself seems to be missing from SF2T onwards (or at least in emulated versions). Can anyone confirm that on a legit HF arcade setup, the upper corners of Dhalsim’s stage are a flat grey colour (as seen in this image rather than a texture (as in’) question mark) I believe the same to be the case in SSF2T as well. There’s certainly youtube footage from both acho and gamespot ST which shows the flat grey - and I assume they are using a legit setup!

Now it’s going to bug me every time I see sim’s stage because the flat grey looks really incomplete! Wonder why they removed it…


Hey guys, do any of you know what happened to that Hyper Fighting website that had demonstrations of all the main combos on youtube? I think it was made by Mexicans, as I vaguely recall it being in Spanish.


the only thing HF needs if proximity blocking (same with ST).


what about sako ticks using HF Zangief? :slight_smile:


Is there a way to play CE at HF or ST speeds? I know you can use CE chars in HSFII, but they lose their CPS1 chains. It should be possible because a local cafeteria used to have a bootleg CE that ran at HFs speed.


There were a few CE hacks that added the frameskip. Where you think they got the idea from?


Are these hacks available as ROMs? What would one need to do to implement this?

The accelerator version of CE is pretty widely known, but I have never come across that version of CE that we had locally that ran consistently at HFs speed. It doesn’t exist in Mame either.