The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


There is a chance that it isn’t dumped the mame dumping team doesn’t pay much attention the hacks unless you donate money for them or a board.
There is two accelerator versions dumped.


I’ve been tinkering with a few things, and somebody might be interested in this:

It’s an HTML5 Street Fighter 2 palette editor - make sure your browser is up to the task. I’ve only really tested in Chrome, safari may work but will probably look blurry due to the antialiasing which I haven’t fully figured out how to disable.

Feel free to share any cool edits you make, particularly awesome ones might make it into a rom hack :slight_smile:

It’s basically a web version of sf2-only Palmod.


Has anybody ever extracted out the backgrounds? I love the wallpaper and have a couple images here and there, but have never seen a repository of backgrounds. That has to exist somewhere. :frowning:


My next task is to pull out all the tile data from the backgrounds, to try to make a bg palette editor… :smiley:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen rips of the sf2 bgs at a site containing such things, but can’t recall where, and a quick google doesn’t remind me…

edit: is this more or less what you’re after? Has a bunch of SFs and some others as well…


This is so awesome, wanted to make my own SF2 palettes for 20 years. btw, doesnt seem to be working today flux?


Different URL :smiley: Use the link in the post above. _b


FROST BLANKA:$1000101114eff5bee78ce259c749c726873347ddf1bbc199a177875560aac0778)


SFEX2+ Sagat

Vader Gief


Made a couple of palettes while srk was down.


Those two are awesome! The two you did in the previous post were cool, but I think a bit oversaturated compared to the kind of schemes they would use in the SF2 series, these two tho really work, maybe the dark areas on Guile are a little dark, but looks real cool.

I just put together a ‘Dan pink’ Ken:

Silver Ryu:

and Charcoal Sim:


Thanks for the feedback
Main problem for Sagat not fitting is I made the shading too dramatic on the skin It has been fixed.

Your’s seem plain to me but work perfectly in sf2.


Hi Guys,

I am an old school SF2 player from as far back as SF2ww. Anyway I was wanting to put more time into SF2HF, and was looking at the first post in this thread.

What I found was the ‘Hyper Fighting Dizzy System, Charr guides & strategies’, seeing that the post said that this is a good place to start, I tried the link and sadly it is dead.

Given ‘Mega upload’ was shut down years ago, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get the ‘Hyper Fighting Dizzy System, Charr guides & strategies’ text file.

I tried dl’ing that exe file from various file sharing link sites, but still couldn’t find the file after trying a few different searches within their respective programs.

If someone could re post it here, or a link to where it can be found online, that would be great.


  • Vargus


Use this:




Re-uploaded the strats - dizzy system info file here (the info on the excellent wiki will be allot more accurate):

Gdam i need to update that first post. Still has the legendary longest tournament in history brackets…


High level Japanese Rainbow play :slight_smile:


Some choice tweets from E3:


There was some great discussion and props for Hyper fighting on IEBattlegrounds’ EVO2k13 STRevival Stream:

Some names from this thread on there, lots from the ST scene, and James Chen even took time out of his brutal schedule to commentate and play.
The guy who put Hyper Fighting together for Capcom USA and designed DJ for SSF2, James Goddard, is the lead design consultant on the new Killer Instinct game and is at Evo for its promotion. The guys on stream talk a little about their discussion with James, apparently he designed DJ originally as a non fireball character, but the design was changed by Capcom Japan, I guess they needed 1 fireball character out of the new 4. Interesting stuff.

Hope to get to Evo one day…



Ah nice! Thanks Frijoles