The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread


Which throw button has a bigger throw range for Boxer? Strong or Fierce. Im thinking it’s Strong.


Pretty sure they are the same?

Although, the ST wiki says:

So who knows…


Ultrachen play Hyperfighting


Born2spd explained it in a follow-up post he made concerning this very topic.


I was at a barcade the other night and I was killing people with Blanka. However, another super old schooler came and booted me off with Ryu.

Although I’ve been playing since the beginning, I was pretty young in the HF days and didn’t get a good sense of high level play. I’m pretty much combining experience from then and now and relearning old games when I encounter the machines. Anyway, I picked up blanka recently because there was a CE cab in the break room. In, HF, of course he has the up ball, but I barely used it and I feel like I could have taken games off the Ryu player if I knew more about the upball, since it has attack frames coming down.

Anyway, can anyone explain a little more about the upball??? thanks =]


wait…wut…its the same thing in HF ?


I haven’t gotten around to testing it to say for sure. One day.


Theres a tournament at a retro store near me on friday on snes. I was just gonna show up and hangout and maybe play casuals before it started. I cant play on pad anymore, my thumbs get tired and hurt. :S


Oh, the new zealand fighting game community are currently running an online league which includes HF. We’ve been uploading some matches to youtube - they are all FT5s so 15mins on average. Some of the better NZ players are involved (and some scrubs, lol), so matches may be interesting to some people - however bear in mind it’s all supercade, so the usual online caveats apply (why isn’t he AAing all those jumpins? Oh, there are lag spikes and you can’t tell on the server recording; etc).

More as they come, unless people complain.

I’m very interested in critiques etc, btw - I want to understand all the matchups better, and any opinions would be very much appreciated.


i could have sworn i saw tomo outside superarcade yesterday passing out flyers


Hi all. I’m looking to find people to play against. I can never find anyone on Supercade or XBL to play against. Hit me up.


There will be a monthly tourney in a San Diego barcade from next month onwards:


Figures. As far away from me as possible




Sweet! I get to chill with Tomo again. He’s a great guy to talk to, and very easy-going.


If I could go to that event, I’d want to ask Tomo to sign my GamePro SF2 HF guide book.



Come on down. You’ve got a month and some change to plan the trip :stuck_out_tongue:


I really wish I could, but the East Coast struggle is real. Getting bodied by bills comes before getting bodied in Street Fighter sadly.

Maybe I could mail my guidebook to someone I know that will be going to the event and they can get it signed for me.


Ah, well that’s unfortunate to hear. At the very least, I hope you can catch the stream to check out all the action live.