I bought sf4 about a month ago for my ps3, and having never really taking a fighting game seriously before im finding playing online quite frustrating. I havent put that much time into it and have a 10% win ratio after 70 games. For someone completly new i know thats not that bad and to be expected, but i dont really have motivation to keep playing at all, mostly because im using a standard ps3 pad and cant pull off alot of bnb stuff with balrog (my main).
I know it will come iwth time playing on a pad, but it hurts my thumb after playing a while, so i dont like extended sessions. So to the point, is it worth buying a stick and do you think it will increase my enjoyment of the game. I do like the game but the execution side is annoying me (not being able to do what i want most of the time). None of my friends play it, so currently it would be online only (might change when i go to university in a few months, anyone in the UK play at loughborough uni?). The other problem is the cost of a good stick, i dont really want a bad one that will need replacing, and the cost of a SE + modding is the same as a TE (100), so i dont really want it to be a throw away purchase.

Just looking for any advice from people who might of been in a similar position, thanks for any answers and sorry for essay.


Hello all, I am a new guy hear and looking to improve on Street Fighter 4. For some reason I have hit a stumbling block and cannot seem to improve. Seems like no matter how much I try and play online the results have been ending up the same, I get beat. Alot of times I just lose it for some reason and begin to full for every trick in the book and my blocking is very back for some reason * I am using the standard ps3 controler* I shall be posting a couple of videos of my fights in a few minutes in the cammy section and any help on what I can do to impove would be wonderfull.


You definitely need a stick to play properly, I played on pad for about 150 hours before getting a stick - after a few hours to get used to it I was playing much better (after so long playing I still had problems with most of the hard character trials, within a week of getting a stick I could do about 40%), the difference is - with a pad I knew certain moves I couldn’t rely on with quick reaction so wouldn’t use them, I would often get the wrong move coming out and I was mashing inputs a fair amount, now I’m used to a stick I enter every move I want once and I know it will come out and I can pull off long combos online with ease.

Amazon have se’s for 55 and te’s for 96 atm (both really worth the money) but that probably won’t last too long and I doubt you’ll see them cheaper anywhere for a while - 360 te price has already gone up as they’ve been selling out. Cost to upgrade buttons and stick in se to same as te is 40 from gremlin (including shipping), so if you envision yourself playing this game for hundreds of hours in the future you want a te - ofcourse you could always go the ‘perhaps’ easier route - buy an se, then a few months down the line get a te - costs more but then you have a stick for friends also and the price is less painful the more time you’ve invested in the game.

If you just want to play this game a couple of hours a week, se is fine - they both work the same, you point the stick in a direction, that input is sent to the game, you press a button, that input is sent to the game… owning a te over an se won’t bring any noticeable improvements to your game, maybe your execution success will increase by a percent, and the stick should last much longer (100 hours playing on se an a couple of my buttons started sticking - easily and cheaply replaceable but shows the quality difference) but it’s not magic. TE with it’s extra width is slightly more comfortable on your lap if you’re a guy also, don’t have to keep your legs quite so close together.

Another possible way of getting your win % up is try other characters (obviously not just one or two matches, but take the time to learn one that appeals to you), maybe there are others that suit your play style better (maybe not, I don’t know). And don’t forget to read all the stickies in your characters subforum, the advice in them will always help a lot. Also remember not to play on autopilot, always realise when you take damage and what your mistake was… then maybe you’ll learn for next time :).

Same to you! Advice on playing is always good, but you will improve much faster if you pick up a stick, it’s the first step to getting decent!


Hi, I’m new here. I started with SF basically when HD Remix came out at the end of last year. Since then I’m pretty much playing SF all the time.
I still really suck, but I just can’t stop :smiley:

I’m from germany, my XBL gamertag is mnzy.
I would really like to play some good players within a decent pingrange.
So feel free to add me, I’m maining Bison atm.


Thanks for the tip HawkinsT, I have a couple vids in the Cammys what went wrong section to if you don’t mind checking out. I am here to learn from the pros and learn as much as possible,


Shenanigans is 90% of my Dictator game.

Anyways… heres a question…

Do you think it’s better to play other 2D fighters like BlazBlue or whatever when you play SFIV?

I ask cause I was playing BB and neglected SFIV for a major part of the weekend. When I played again today, playing SFIV felt pretty unnatural for the first few fights.

However, on the other hand, I noticed my dashes were coming out a lot easier. Dashes are a big part of BB, and I’ve had a hard time executing them in SFIV. However, after playing BB this weekend, my dashes were coming off almost at will.


Im new to the series but i’ve been playing sf4 since it came out now. I wouldnt say im a beginner but I’ll post in here anyways. I have a huge problem with linking. I can do it once in a while but even in training its inconsistent at best. Canceling has been cake walk for so god damn long but linking has been the bane of my existence. I main ryu and have gotton to 10k points and even within that time, i have never gotton the hold of linking. I can only link the jabs easily but once i have to do the medium punch, medium kick or heavy punch tahts where im stuck. Any tips on how to improve? I do it so many times in training mode but nothing seems to help.


hmm the card thing seems right since SF players there are really competitive, its like initial-D arcade lol


what’s the best ch for a new sf4 player to learn the ropes on? I’m guessing ryu/ken.


ryu and ken are two easy to pick up characters, yeah, and ryu is one of the best characters in the game… but the two of them also make up 50% of the online player base which is extremely boring! Just try playing through arcade mode with all the characters and pick one you like from that.


I apologize if this was asked already but i have no idea what to type in the search box for this query.

i’m having a hard time linking c.lp, c.lp xx srk with ryu. do you start inputting the dp motion on the second lp, or do it ultra quickly after it’s out?

i’ve been pressing down+lp, down+lp, letting the stick go back to neutral, then forward+QCF but it’s really tiring and doesn’t come out most of the time. any tips would be appreciated.


:df::d::df::p: is an srk shortcut, so:

:df::lp::lp::d::df::p: is easiest.


What does frame trapping mean? I tried Maj’s terminology page and searching, but nothing I found really explained it.


Hello, SF4 players. I’m looking for hit-stun frame data. I would like to know how many frames the opponent is stunned for for all normal moves, including jumping attacks as well counter hits.

For example, in SFA3 the data looks like this:

light: 13 medium: 18: heavy: 22

jumping attacks (all): 13

Counter hit-

light: 18 medium: 22 heavy: N/A (causes a knock-down)

jumping attacks (all): 18

If some-one could provide this information I would be very grateful.


^Every character’s is different, you need to go to the character subforums on the SFIV forum and look for whatever the frame data thread for that character is.


There is Frame Data for all the Characters in Shoryuken Wiki.

Go there.
Pick Character of choice.
Click on “Frame Data” in Menu.

Keep doing until you get all the Characters you want.
I don’t know about for Counters though.


Add +1 frame advantage for a light attack counterhit. +3 for medium or heavy attacks.


jdm714: thanks, just what I was looking for.

RadarTrap: how does that translate to frames of hit-stun?
So, would a counter hit far standing Jab would stun for 14 frames and a counter hit far standing Fierce would stun for 24 frames?


but that’d only be for SF4 right? if i wanted to develop that muscle memory for previous sf games as well, what should the inputs be?

:d::lp::dp:+:lp: xx :p: ?


No, that would be :lp: then an :lp: shoryuken… enter the shoryuken motion after you press :lp: the second time (during the animation).