Well it’s character specific, but yeah if the normal jab gives 13 frames of hitstun then a counterhit one will give 14 frames. If a normal fierce gives 21 then counterhit will give 24. :slight_smile:


How does Focus attack vs Focus attack work?

Say we both press the buttons at the same time, and hold it until level 3, who wins? Say one character gets to level 3 before the other, does the faster FA always armor break because it’s a counter hit, or does it always get absorbed by the other person?

What if we’re both using the same character, then does the person who started first always win, or the person who started last? What if the person who started second lets go when its only level 2?


A FA will absorb another FA at level 1/2, but not level 3.


This thread seems pretty awesome,

I’d like to just say hi, im new to the boards and very new to the game I’ve only had it two weeks, Me and my brother practice offline on a daily basis for a few hours a night, I play online in the day a little too.

I main Akuma - and I am considering making Dhalsim or Vega(claw) my secondary, I like a challenge! My brother uses Abel & Fei Long.

I’ll get round to reading through this thread and skim reading to see if it touches on questions I have rather than asking them over again.

I’ve a few questions of my own but Im sure they’ve already been answered!

Gets a mug of coffee and begins reading through the many pages in this thread O.O.



ive been playing sf3 for a while but just started sf4 (playing bison) but i dont know how to stop srk wake ups. In sf3 u can use a meaty or parry/block but ive tried almost every move and it doesnt work so now im kinda scared to go on the offensive when i play the wake up game


bait that shit out… mind games and shit… If you see a dude throwing SRKs on wakeup 90% of the damn time you know what hes gonna do… Block it and punish his ass when he lands. It will make him think twice about that shit next time.


in other words an SRK can’t be stuffed :frowning:


Ur right, guess i have to work on my mind games…


Frame trapping is where you intentionally leave a small enough space between your attacks so that if your opponent tries to retaliate, they will get stuffed and counterhit by your following move. It usually refers to blockstrings, but I believe it can also refer to combo resets.

The idea was more popular in older games where it was much harder to time reversal special moves. In sf4, the huge reversal window means that spd/srk mashing will completely own a frame trap


Noob question, im a casual player and try and get a few games in after work after i put my Daughter to bed and have tea and so forth. Well ive been stuck on G3-A Rank on Championship mode for a few weeks now (using Bison of course) and i win the final matches about 3 times now but no ranking to G2-E. If their a certain or specific amount of Pts i need all in one hit?

im on about 1720 GP pts.


Not much of a fighting games player, I played a lot of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior and Street Fighter Alpha 2, Tekken 3, and a bit of Mortal Kombat but nothing serious. I’ve been playing SF4 since the PC version came out and plan to stick with it as long as possible. Currently maining M. Bison and minoring in Sakura/Dan and a few others.

GFWL tag: col parenthesis


You need 2,000 GP to break into G2-E


Hiya I’m new here. Why doesn’t the BB Code in my siggy work?


Cuz it’s disabled for sigs.


oh cool, well as of last night im at 1980 lol.


Whats up everyone noobie here. Not new to SF4 but I suck at it. Any type of training or advice would help. I main Ryu, Ken, and Sakura.


head over to the Character sections mate to learn the ins and outs of your favourites. Trust me become a bison player, true skill and cunning is required though…well worth it.


Hi, im new, i like made mods for sf4, i hope upload MOD soon, Regards.


I am a new poster, but longtime lurker. Love me some SRK


Relatively new poster but long time lurker as well. Bowed out from competitive fighting games after CvS2 died out in my area but SF4 renewed my interest.