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oh cool, well as of last night im at 1980 lol.


Whats up everyone noobie here. Not new to SF4 but I suck at it. Any type of training or advice would help. I main Ryu, Ken, and Sakura.


head over to the Character sections mate to learn the ins and outs of your favourites. Trust me become a bison player, true skill and cunning is required though…well worth it.


Hi, im new, i like made mods for sf4, i hope upload MOD soon, Regards.


I am a new poster, but longtime lurker. Love me some SRK


Relatively new poster but long time lurker as well. Bowed out from competitive fighting games after CvS2 died out in my area but SF4 renewed my interest.




so how do i exactly use piecemontee’s assets explorer? i looked on google and shoryuken search and nothing came up.


mods, like mugen type mods?


Me too, never had much to bring to the table so held off registering.

Been playing since I was a kid (mainly kof), but never took it that seriously because there was never really a scene here in the UK when I was growing up. I could always destroy my friends who couldn’t care less so it just got boring after a while.

Then I saw “that Evo 2004 video” which not only blew my mind, but made me realise that perhaps there’s more to this than just throwing out fierce SRKs all day long with ken. I bought 3rd strike and have been lurking here ever since.

SF4 online finally gave me an easy way to find matches. So I bought a stick and decided to get more involved.


Is it acceptable to use the PPP and KKK buttons on sticks? It isn’t like this at the arcade


Are you speaking of the single button that has all 3 punches or kicks mapped to it? If so, I suppose there’s nothing stopping you from doing it, but keep in mind it will hamper your execution and probably cause you to develop bad habits.

Also, if you were ever in a tournament, you would not be allowed to use those buttons and thus you would be at a disadvantage if that was all you were used to.


Is there anyway to punish jab spammers? Alot of times when playing online people will relentlessly spam jab to try to combo interrupt. Offline that would usually not be that much of a problem, but online alot tight combos are much harder to pull off. So is there any way to punish someone who you know is spamming jab while you are doing a combo?


Depending on your characters normals, you can do the first portion of your block string and then move back a little; if they throw out a jab you might be able to punish it with a normal into a special.


Thanks for the response. Do you have any character specific examples?


Super Nub!


I’m totally new to fighting games. I picked up SFIV and now a fightpad for PC (Chun Li). Its pretty wild being such a noobie in a gaming genre after many years of fairly intense involvement in other games. I’ve never even owned a console, and rarely played on one (perhaps 10 hours in my life), so besides the whole genre being new, the controller is as well.

For fear of destroying my keyboard I felt I had to get a fightpad, though I do miss a few things about execution on the keyboard: More precise movement, to be exact. The whole ‘floaty’ D-Pad of the fightpad has taken some getting used to. At first I’d only last 30 minutes with wild over-mashing of the d-pad, but now I can execute fairly well with more subtle motions, though I’m starting to get concerned about diagonal jumping being reliable enough with this Mad Catz controller (yes I’ve read about the problems).

I’ve found so many answers here on Shoryuken already. What a fantastic site. It was here that I probably first realized just how incredibly deep the game is. I could sense it when I first played, but I would really never have guessed how much empiricism is applied to mastering the game.

Will probably be a month or two before I venture online for competition. I’d like to be able to reliably beat arcade mode with several characters first. At this point, after 30 hours with the game (mostly training) I can beat it on the 2 easiest levels and am working my way up to ‘normal’, so it goes without saying that I definitely suck at this point! But its actually refreshing to be this bad at something and have to really work at it to improve. The learning proper execution bit is just about exactly like learning a musical instrument, only harder!

For a total newb there’s a lot of upfront work to be done before even becoming competent.

I’m training about 1.5 hours a day, thumbs permitting, getting through the normal trials with Chun, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and a few others. Chun was my first and it was damn hard. I would have failed completely without looking up several tips on the net r/e execution, which is a little disappointing: I would have hoped the game would have at least a modicum of internal instruction in such things as FADC, canceling, linking, and chaining. But the web bridged the divide for me, especially Shoryuken, and I’m really happy to have found this resource.

Hopefully some day I can give a little back. For now, I just have one question:

Does anyone know of some videos that show close-ups of fight-pad execution for people new to a fightpad / controller? Any shortcuts I can take to getting the most out of the controller would be great.

Oh, another question, though less important: Has anyone gotten alternate controller drivers to work with the Mad Catz fightpad? Ala XBCD? I’d love to be able to fine-tune the responsiveness, especially diagonals, but I have yet to find a verified method to use XBCD with the fightpad.


Hi. I have played maybe couple of months SF IV now and still thinking what i should main. I mostly play with Blanka, but i think i will change it someone else.


I’ve got a noob question.

I’ve started playing SF4 recently and have taken a linking to Dhalsim. I know he’s a tough character to learn but I intend to stick to him. I also like Seth and Ken, still trying to decide which one I should main.

Anyway, my question is, how long does it take to get good with the stick? Currently, I think I whiff moves about 20% of the time. It’s pretty frustrating. I SF4 play for about 2 hours each day and am wondering if this is just a temporary phase.

e: To be more specific, I can land stuff fine in training mode, but when I go online (PC version, player matches against friends with very minimal lag) I seem to whiff moves more. Any advice?


I wouldn’t main Ken, just for the fact that so many people play him online, most experienced players have a pretty good idea on this match up. With that said, when you come across a good Ken player it can take you by surprise and disrupte your game.

I’ve been playing with a TE since launch and only now am I starting to feel like I’m playing better than I did on a pad, so yeah, there’s definitely a steep learning curve. At first I found Ultras and dashes difficult, but once I got use to using more of my arm I improved a lot.

Don’t give up, a stick really opens up all kinds of possibilities that a pad just can’t give you, or at least, not as inuatively.

Surely you know why this is. How can you compare a standing dummy to a human opponent? Even the scrubbiest player will not just stand there and let you combo them all day.