You guys think the online population of ssf4 will drop dramatically after SFxTekken comes out?


Hi there. There’s a problem I have playing SF4 where if i try a crossup on my opponents wake-up and wiff, some people seem to always be able to grab me immediately. Is this just them grabbing me when i land in reaction to the whiff? Or are they spamming throw tech? Or is it something else? If I could know the answer to this it would probably help my game play a whole lot. Obviously I shouldn’t be whiffing jump ins on accident, but when I do it just seems to frustrate me that I can’t react quick enough to the throw they do. Thanks in advance.


Hello, I’m new to the forums and am searching around and trying to get every tip I can get my hands on. My first fighter was SSFII for the SNES, which I still have. I recently got SSFIV:AE and I have a somewhat important question. I was wondering, as a beginner actually playing and getting into a fighter, where should I start? I have already gone through some trials, and I’m almost finished Ibuki’s trials (I’m on the last two) but I don’t know where to start everything.

What should I do first trials, training, learning more about the game, or other stuff?I already know most of the basics, such as chaining, linking, meter management, use of focus attacks, FADC (Not the execution of it yet), etc…


this site is pretty intimidating -__-


Please anyone help me the timing for the crouch tech throw when blocking a blockstring. When blocking, blockstring I see a blue circle appear, may I use it as a time to press down + back + throw ? When should I press the crouch tech throw ?


I’m new to SRK, but not to fighting games as I have been battling since SF2’s inception.
I am having mad trouble with Ryu’s Hard trial #2. I know about buffering, have watched EVERY TbirdSF4 tutorial video and know the shortcuts, but I just cannot get the cr.HP to connect after the F+HP. I can do the FADC to F+HP and the cr.HP ->DP->Shinkuu Hadoken, but cannot get them to connect together.
I am using a Hori UMvC3 stick, and I am still getting used to its uber-responsiveness, but I should have gotten this done by now.

Also, are the hard trial combos actually useful in matches?

My goal is to obtain the icons and go online to obtain achievements and then move on to SSFIV:AE.


The HP after the F+HP is a link. Please read that post linked and practice, since it’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong based on what happens.


Thanks Toodles! I finally did the trial, but I doubt I could do it over. I do realize the importance of linked combos though.
The dang crHP wasn’t coming out. I could link the crHP on it’s own, but it was difficult getting it to come out before the Shoryuken-> Super, even with the shortcuts.
I got inspired and even finished Ryu’s and Akuma’s trials. Now I have to get used to my new button config and finger set up for Ken’s trials.
My start button is too close to the far right buttons, so I changed my 3xP + 3xK to the far left.
I see that I may change my button config a few times to see what exactly works across the board.


I’m using ryu as a starting character and I was wondering what am I suppose to learn from this character.


So many fighting games…
Should I even bother with trying to obtain the achievements for SFIV? I love the game, (except for the dang r&b song at the menu screen), but with SFxT, UMvC3, MK and SSFIV, I’m wondering if it’s worth fighting through the lag fests of SFIV online.


please anyone help me how to use two joysticks in sf4 vanilla for 2 players


Hmm, can you clarify what you mean by using the joysticks? Are you trying to plug them in, or seeking to learn how to play with them?


I was playing online the other day and this guy used El Fuerte and did the Habanero Dash infinite on me. HE claims there are no infinites because of damage scaling. MY friend gave me a copy of the obviously crappy SFIV Prima guide for free, and in there it mentions using this exact infinite as the basis for El Fuerte’s game.
What’s the community perspective on this?
From what I’ve gathered infinites are banned from tournaments.
I won’t post the guy’s name, as that seems like a chumpy move. I don’t care about losing online, nor online rankings, I know some people will cheat onliine, I’m just wondering what the truth is about infinites in this version.


Is Cody considered a fireball character?


The basic grouping of characters are:

Shoto: ryu ken sagat
charge: balrog bison blanka
grappler: hakan gief thawk

cody is a non-traditional character so like adon and a few others. no he is not.


Okay thanks


Hi I just started learning how to play ssiv:ae a few months ago with ryu as my starting character and have been hard at work at trying to learn each and every thing with ryu and I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been bodied and the learning curve for this game is just overwhelming @_@


Just another person having difficulty connecting Ryu’s F.HP into c.HP in Hard Trial 2 (SFIV)

I’m playing on a PS3 and using an arcade stick. Practiced for about 3 hours last night to get down the timing and I almost nailed it, now when I start doing the combo I get it to land every 10 tries or so except when I do the shoryuken it just keeps going and doesn’t combo into the shinkuu-hadouken, which I’m assuming I need to cancel into.

I’m aware that the c.HP needs to land right about the time the second punch of the Solar Plexus hits and I’m holding diagonal-down-forward when executing it. Any tips?

P.S. This is just extra, but there are lot of broken links in the new user topics, especially to things I thought could potentially help improve my game. Someone needs to fix that.


If by new, yo mean never, played, yes, I am new. I actually played Vanilla once. I’m considering getting into it, but I dunno who to main. If I am to believe Sanford, I should pick Cammy/Akuma, amirite?


Whats up brethren?
let it be known that I am here because I seek to teach my brother akuma a lesson.