The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



Is anyone else having trouble landing combos starting with St medium? It just doesn’t seem to have good reach, I can never land it unless I jump in or dash in. Is dashing in even viable? Ryu seems to have a good dash, yeah?


That’s the standard target combo and I agree it’s cool and easy. The thing is, it’s a myth. In a real match, they will duck and the hk will whiff every time. I find mp, or just mp, mp special more reliable.

Now, the reliable way I land that target combo is with an hk crush counter. Set your dummy to either tatsu or DP and practice countering a whiff or block with hk, mp, sp, hk for great dmg on a brain dead easy combo. Just tap tap tapperoo!


You are welcome! I’m only here to edify this scene instead of tear it down. I’m glad I could help.


well, I agree that’s braindead, but in this game doing maximum damage combo is really easy and there are a lot of better options with a HK CC

most of the combo listed ending with tatsu will whiff against real opponent cause, you know, they like crouching more than anything else when it comes to defense

I usually go with hp hadoken or ex tatsu, what r u guys using as bnb? the usual mp mp?


Ryu - Meaty Solar Plexus - Combo

#46>cr.hp xx whatever
b.HK>st.LK xx hp.SRK
and>> TC

are my go to bnb’s and I really can’t complain about execution in anything that Ryu does.
After practicing for a bit, I find a single st.MP without counterhit very hit confirmable.


Am I going crazy?

Ryu was my main in USF4 and I could do his 3f, 2f even 1f links, but in SF5 I cant for the life of me connect a dp after 2 x cr.lp, or, cr.lp!

I know the difference between a link and a cancel and this combo was crazy simple in USF4 so what am I missing?



try thinking of it as c.lp, {c.lpxsrk}. you have to do the motions pretty quick as it’s a cancel, not a link. in sf4 you were able to either link OR cancel so the timing was super lenient. in sf5 it’s cancel-only.

micro tip - you can hit confirm c.fierce into dp or hurricane. you have a huuuuuuge window.


Are the 2 c.lps cancelled too or am I linking them and just cancelling the DP? Sounds like you’re saying c.lpxc.lpxdp each one being a cancel.



You have to chain cancel that combo. It doesn’t work like SF4 where you chain two cr. jab and link SRK or confirm one cr. Jab and link another one into SRK. You have to chain both jabs and you have to be quick enough to confirm the hit and cancel the 2nd one almost immediately. This is why it’s so strange coming from SF4 where nobody could chain cancel their light attacks(except Evil Ryu).

I thought this was too hard for me to do at first because it seemed like you pretty much only have one jab or short to confirm. But I’ve been practicing the combo a lot and can confirm is very consistently now. It’s a important combo to include in your repertoire because you’re going to need it during scrambles or when you catch your opponent not blocking low since the one with cr. LK is his only low confirm(outside of confirms into super with low forward).


what he said, cr.LP’s hit advantage and minimal pushback in sf4 meant that you could intentionally late link cr.LP cr.LP giving you wayyyyy more time than if you were forced to chain them and cancel into DP

Also being able to do 3 cr.LP also helps.


Disregaurd activating vtrigger to interrupt block strings. Tested this with Ryu vs Ryu. It’s useless if Ryu throws out a st strong (blocked). Then trigger before the next attack in the string doesnt work, because apparently there.are recovery frames where Ryu just stands vulnerable. I would tried an srk, but i couldnt even block much less get an attack out. Best options i could find after blocking a ryu, st. Strong. Stand short beats follow up attacks such as, cr. Fierce, st. Strong, cr. Strong, cr. Forward. Trades with cr. Short and standing short. Back dash beats all, unless escape is baited out and caught with hadouken or tatsu. Of course strong srk online interupts all but is risky business.


Guess it also depends on recovery frames of what you parry… lol. Idk. I’m newb.


What is this? Does this actually work just like it’s written here?


I’ve finally got it guys thanks for the advice! It feels sooo weird! At the moment it feels like it has to be performed so fast that I can’t imagine using it to hit confirm as I’m already cancelling into the Dp! But like you said with practice perhaps this will change.

It’s like they’ve made it far less rewarding to hit confirm with light attacks. Probably because it was spammed in SF4. I guess still useful for tight punishes on block.



Hi. Are there some basic rules that tell me, if two moves need to be linked or canceled ? and btw, what is chaining ? Is qcb lk into shinku hadoken a cancel or link ? I cant do this combo, can you help me with the inputs? Are there any shortcuts or buffering ? When do i start the qcf motions of the hadoken ?


Basic rules for linking are if the move has enough hit stun and a small enough recovery window, any sufficiently quick move will be able to link (provided you’re close enough). st.MP, cr.HP is an example. An easy way to discover these is to practice, but you could also look at Frame Data, which may or may not exist yet for Street Fighter V (I’m not sure). On this Frame Data page you’ll also be able to see if normals are special/super cancelable, including your specials. Some specials can be super canceled (hadoken, shoryuken) and some cannot (tatsu).

Chaining is an easier version of linking, with more lenient timing, but typically prevents the canceling of supers or specials afterwards. It’s a trade-off for easier combo, but less potential damage.

lkTatsu into CA is a link. Contrast this with crMK, Hadoken xx CA, you can literally see Ryu “cancel” the recovery of his hadoken, going straight into his Critical Art. In the case of the tatsu he lands, recovers, and then performs the Shinku Hadoken while his opponent is falling, still in a juggle state. For this combo you’ll want to input the QCF motions while the opponent is getting hit by your tatsu, and input your punch motion as soon as Ryu’s feet touch the ground again.

I can’t stress enough that there’s no secret, or trick, or shortcut to this. The only way to get these things is lots of practice. Basically the answer lies in the heart of battle.


Corner only Forward throw immediate 4hk hits meaty against quick rise and on counter hit combos into 2hpxxVT or whatever else your in range for


Wish OP would organize this all into a couple posts.


That’s awesome. Feel as though meaty stuff is v. important for Ryu in this game. Maybe it’s the same for all charas though with generally less combos in the game.