The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



So I just recently switched from pad to stick. I’m gradually acclimating but am having trouble canceling a crouching jab into DP. I can’t seem to do the input fast enough by letting the stick return to neutral any shortcuts? Also with full meter CA tends to come out.


Only the standard DP shortcut, which starts at down forward, down, then back to down forward. You can basically hold down forward while you press lp and then just quickly wiggle the stick and press hp and it will combo. The timing is pretty different in this game for cancelling lights into DP than in 4 though


lvl2 VT hado juggles into ex dp in the corner not sure how useful this is
Also combos in to super dependant on range
Corner blocked st mpxx lvl2 hado beats stand tech probably better options though
lvl2 hado EX dp is 252dm 425st
VT ex hado also juggles EX DP in the corner


Corner combo, TC, VTC, l.tatsu, CA

426 damage
552 stun

Add a jump heavy

456 damage
647 stun


Nice! But starting from a st.MP, you can do:

(j.HK) st.MP, cr.HP xVx st.HK, st.LK xx HP Shoryuken xx Super

That’s 521 damage and 725 stun or thereabouts, and it works midscreen and corner, and it works on crouching opponents.


A training mode favourite of mine.

TC(any variation) xx VTC xx light tatsu -> CA is poss the easiest way to capitalise off a frame trap (if youre minded to frame trap using st.HP, i dont do it enough)


Very cool.

With my old man reflexes i prefer the 2× start of the one i posted for most circumstances.

After a free jump in that combo you listed is brutal though and I’m for sure gonna practice it.

I’m also fuck around with and buffering the VTC.

If they block and you’ve gone denjin just back up a little and start fireball pressure.

If it connects you can go straight to super.

The activation animation gives me time to confirm.


You can combo from a VTC at the right range. Then, dependent on whether they’re standing or crouching, you can cancel into light tatsu or HP.srk then cancel into denjin hado if you’re fully charged.

Gives you extra damage and even more time to react and process what’s happening



I’ll try that out too.


Hello, everyone! I was in the lab yesterday and found some awesome links. These links are very functional, and I think they need to be mastered by every Ryu player to have as a sort of “Ace-up-your-sleeve.” The st. mp, st. mp, CA/Super link is very much in the style of 3s (but easier to do in SF5). Of course, the thing to keep in mind while practicing these links is to imagine your opponent blocking your initial hits, but he gets hit by st. mp. There’s a small window to see that st. mp connected; that’s when you link CA/Super or fierce shoryuken. Happy training!



All you need to know is 4 combos to get to silver:

  1., c.lp xx dp - this is your low confirm
  2., xx fireball - you can use this in 95% of all combo situations without thinking
  3., xx dp - punish combo
  4., vtrig,, xx dp - standard vtrig combo

Learn this shit and build on it. Throw in jumpins and supers when you have it.


You should add, (s.), EX tatsu to the list :).

#73 idk if this is been found or not, but i found it myself just messing around and thought it would be helpful


This is actually incredibly helpful. Thanks for sharing!


No prob man!


sick stuff man, very useful, I feel we should create another thread based on safejumps or add them to the okizeme one


I’m going through gootecks’ training handbook and he lists under blockstrings sLK xx LP hadoken. I can do it but it doesn’t combo. Is it a beta combo that no longer works or is it me?


st.LK xx (HP only?) Hadoken used to combo but that was removed sometime around beta 3.


OK so here are the combos I regularly use. This is a pretty full expression of my Ryu combo toolkit.

1. Basic punish (5f startup, needs close to point blank range): st.MP, cr.HP xx HP Shoryu (or HK Tatsu for better oki/less damage)

2. Full punish (use on stun, whiffed super, or similar situations): nj.HP, st.HK, st.LP, st.LK xx HP Shoryu (or HK Tatsu for better oki/less damage)

3. Crush counter punish: st.HK, st.HK, st.LP, st.LK xx HP Shoryu (or HK Tatsu for better oki/less damage)

4. Medium-range punish: cr.MP xx HP Hado (or EX Tatsu for more damage)

5. Long-range punish: Jodan Sanrengeki (st.MP > st.HP > st.HK) - must be standing.

6. Quick punish: st.LK xx HP Shoryu (or LK Tatsu for better positioning/less damage)

7. Jump-in: j.HK/MK, st.MP, cr.HP xx HP Shoryu (or HK Tatsu for better oki/less damage)

8. Low confirm cr.LK, cr.LP xx HP Shoryu

9. Short-range Solar Plexus combo: Solar Plexus, cr.HP xx HP Shoryu (or HK Tatsu for better oki/less damage)

10. Long-range Solar Plexus combo Solar Plexus, cr.MP xx HP Hado (or EX Tatsu for better damage)

11. V-Trigger combo: st.MP, cr.HP xVx st.HK, st.LP, st.LK xx HP Shoryu

12. Meaty Axe Kick: Axe Kick, st.LK xx HP Shoryu

Any of the above combos ending with Shoryu or LK Tatsu can be followed up with Critical for more damage.

Outside of very specific situations, I would advise against doing corner combos involving EX Tatsu into EX Shoryu. It does marginally more damage, but you’re usually better off saving the meter for Critical, given how easy it is to cancel into it in this game, and the much better scaling you get with CA as opposed to two EX moves. I think these combos cover a lot of what you realistically need to play Ryu well. Any situations I haven’t thought of, please do include!


You prolly should put in a crouchers punish to make that list complete. Probably ending in EX fireball or regular fireball if you have no meter.