The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



Have I missed something?
Why doesn’t anyone go for:

CC st.HK xx VT >f.HP>cr.HP xx HP SRK/Tatsu ?

I think it does more damage than CC st.HK>st.HK>st.LK xx HP SRK
and the first combo also gives you okizeme and/or corner carry/escape if ended with mk or hk tatsu.


I hadn’t considered that combo - I guess I usually don’t pop my V-Trigger on a Crush Counter combo, but if I did that seems like a really good option!

The Crush Counter punish I had in mind mostly for punishing whiffed DPs, but you’re right, it wouldn’t work on a crouching character. Similarly with the long-range punish of Jodan Sanrengeki.

If you’ve blocked a sweep or another unsafe move that leaves the opponent in crouched recovery, then I’d probably just default to 1 or 4, which both work on crouchers. At longer ranges sweep is likely your only option.


CC St. Hk, walk forward, St. MP, cr. Hp xx V trigger, St. Hk, St. LK xx Hp DP (xx super) is the strongest CC punish I’ve found. It does slightly more damage than the CC St. Hk xx V trigger, F. Hp variant.

Has anyone found anything stronger?




a sick combo daigo was doing vs ken’s ex dp was:

neutral jump rh, f+fierce as a combo starter.

while the combo steel_samurai is the biggest CC combo, it’s sometimes not the max damage combo


Wow that sounds awesome, I’m assuming the counter hit state allows the nj. RH to combo into f. HP?

Ken’s ex dp allows plenty of time to mentally prepare for the punish as well.
I’ll have to try this next time I play. Thanks!


yeah it’s weird. i’ve ONLY gotten f+hp work from neutraljump rh too and not jumpforward rh, and timing is also very tricky.

i personally won’t try that in a tournament but worth it if you practice it enough. i gave up after ~5 minutes since it was too inconsistent hahahah.


Is there any way to combo off ryu’s overhead, V-frame doesn’t seem to have the active frames on that move so I wasn’t sure if maybe a super meaty version could work.


For some reason I can’t get the super to combo off lk tatsu. Using the target combo v trigger set up, haven’t to gotten it to come out yet. Any tips?


Buffer the motion hit punch right as you land.

It’s a link not a cancel but the timing isn’t too tight.

Get in training and just start doing reps man


Finish your motions at up forward not just forward, it’ll ensure you are cleaner, youre probably hitting the diagonals instead of forward.


According to Frame Assistant Tool the collar bone breaker is…

20 Frames startup
4 Active (not sure how they worked that one out? Active frames of one of the hits maybe?)
17 Recovery

0 on hit
-4 on block

#93 max damage/stun combo?


In the

f.HP, cr.HP xx DP xx CA combo

what is the motion for the DP part? The DP shortcut starts from d, df, d, df + HP or df, d, df, + HP?



The latter.
Personally I just do the normal uppercut motion, feels more natural with the CA cancel for me.


I put this in the Denjin thread, but I think this is still good to have as a set up for the corner in order to close the match out.

V-trigger st.MP xx hadoken xx super GUARD BREAK - bhk, lk xx hp shoryuken


This is cool. My favorite way to get denjin off in the corner is by using

TC xx vtrigger cr.lp h.dp denjin.

It’s a reset but if it’s blocked the denjin breaks the guard. You can also throw in a frame trap after the c.lp with fireball denjin if the lights are blocked. But it. Probably push you too far back to get off anything good from the denjin.


I feel like it’ll push back too much, but I’ll def check it out.


So have we agreed on general BnB combos yet?

As of right now these are the only 3 I’m using.

St. MP/Cr. HPxxLk.Tatsu
St. MP/Cr. MPxxLk. Tastu/Fireball
St. MP/Cr. MKxxFireball

Occasionally doing CA after the Tatsus


I did some testing with it and found that it was a bit too much push back for it to work as a setup, but i found an alternate version.

TC xx VT dash m.dp denjin

Follow Ups on Blocked Denjin:
cr.hp -> h.dp -> l.dp -> -> l.tatsu

However with this setup you will be too far away to finish with h.dp but you can finish with l.tatsu and it works pretty well. It is also possible to finish with c.hp h.dp which gives a bit more damage.
This works if your close to the corner but if your in the corner you don’t have to dash foward.