The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



So are you guys using this Daigo/Valle shimmy throw-bait combo?

Shimmy to bait the throw, then st.HP (crush counter) > st.HK xVx LK Tatsu, Critical Art = 437 damage (572 stun)

The neat thing here is that st.HP is safe on block (-1) and you can confirm into st.HK if it’s a crush counter (no option select needed).

Why are you doing LK Tatsu after the first one? I think either HP Shoryu or HK Tatsu are better, more damage and good positioning.

st.MP, cr.MK isn’t that great a link in my books, can’t think of a situation where st.MP, cr.MP isn’t better.

I would also suggest going into HP Shoryu if you’re going to CA in the combo. More damage, no downside.


I’m a nooblet so Lk. Tastu was something I learned just to build muscle memory I’ll try using Hk. from now on. In the corner it puts you on the other side though so unless I’m going for damage I might still use Lk. Tastu

I’m also having a little trouble consistently cancelling DP from crouching normals. I can do it, but consistently… let alone in an actual match I have trouble. I’ll try to practice it though.

I just downloaded the VFrames App. I was never big on frame data but I’ll try to learn to implement it in SFV.


So when trying to shimmy. Should I be back-dashing on their wakeup or just walking backwards for like a second?


Not exactly a combo question, but


Oh, yeah sorry was just replying to the post above me but forgot to use the actual quote functionality when replying. That wasn’t just a random question :smiley:


Well actually I think shimmying is best in the close game but not on their wakeup… If they’re waking up you should just go for a meaty or bait the DP at point blank, there’s no reason to shimmy that I can see.

In the close range where you walk up to them and then step back and punish the throw tech attempt, I would probably rely on backwalk because backdash might make it difficult to punish in time. That’s just me though.


How come nobody has mentioned
CC, walk forward,, cr.fpxx dp/tatsu
CC, walk forward,, cr.fpxx VT,, cr.lpxx dp/tatsu


good question. do you even need the walk forward part?


Yes otherwise cr.fp will not be in range


Yes, those are in fact the optimised combos. Just been figuring that out myself!


Those were around in the Beta, its the micro step that just makes it a touch difficult. I remember Vesper arcade channel covering them about 3 months ago although I don’t know if they made the hit stun from CC longer since then.


I was wondering if anyone knows if Ryu has any Frame Trap setups that double as Block-String at the same time?
Looking at the frame data, I am not sure if the below is actually practical : --> s.lp (2 frames gap) --> xx Hadoken

I guess the first part is rather clear, as for the second part, it will link if you got a counter-hit with the c.lp, otherwise it’s another 3 frames gap frame trap.
If the opponent jabs late, you’ll get another counter hit, if he’s mashing, you’ll probably trade a strong for a jab ?

We are of course disregarding the DP mashing :pensive:

Any ideas ?


I’m not exactly sure what it is you’re asking. Try rephrasing it?


Hmmm … Not sure how to put it another way really : A block-string that is a frame trap setup at the same time ?


Your block strings are your frame traps.


I’ve been trying to switch to this more optimised version and it’s not too bad. Just gotta be aware and adjust the combo depending on spacing. I’ve been able to get it off most blocked DP type moves though.


I’m in training mode atm practicing it from neutral jump fierce attacks to optimise damage post-stun.


Post-stun, I think you’re best served by just going from a j.HK straight into st.MP, cr.HP xx HP Shoryu, no?


I guess you mean a true block string that doubles as a frame trap?
Cannot work in any case because in order for a frame trap to be one, you have to leave a frame gap in your blockstring, otherwise the opponent will be protected by autoguard (or absolute guard or whatever it is called), and not be able to get a button out.


Yeah, just depends on where you are on the screen when the stun occurs, i always feel awkward backdashing to gain the right distance if i’ve stunned them in the corner, and always a chance they can mash out of it quick enough, as you seem to be able to mash out of stun REALLY quickly in this game. Also for non-stun, it’s good for punishing whiffed throws when you neutral jump, which happens quite a bit at the mo, so worth knowing i think :smiley: