The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



What your asking is basicly a paradox, you cannot have both at the same time.

A block string is an air-tight string of moves that leaves no gaps in the string to make it safe against any attempt to punish.
A frame trap is a intentional gap in a block string to bait a normal to come out but the setup is weak to reversal attacks that goes through normals like Ryu’s mp.SRK

If your looking for a beginner friendly frame trap then something like this is quite easy to learn (but dosnt net alot of damage) and very safe if you mess up any timings.
c.LP, s.MP, c.MK xx EX Hadoken (there isnt any timing to this string, just hit the moves one after the other as if you were comboing them)

The frame trap happens between c.LP & s.MP and since c.LP is +2 on block and s.MP has 5 startup frames.


So Cr. LP, Cr. LP, Cr. MP is a Frame Trap?

This is the first Street Fighter game I am trying to take seriously and am starting from a complete beginner’s perspective. I saw UltraChenTV’s Frame Data stream last night and got a general understanding of how to use it, a lot simpler than I thought.

So Cr. LP leaves Ryu +2 on block, but if you string together two the pushback will be great enough to connect a Cr. MP which starts up in 5 frames. Due to the distance from being pushed back however a 3 frame jab would be stuffed by the Cr. MP?

This is a frame trap? Of course you are susceptible to reversals such as a DP right?


Is c.LP, c.LP, c.MP a frame trap? yes it is… it has a 3 frame gap between the c.LP & c.MP thus it will stuff every normal out there (there is a system in place in SFV that negates trades between 2 different strength buttons, in this case c.LP & c.MP would not trade, c.MP would win out) but the push back of the string it self means its a quite un-conventional one.
The reason c.LP into s.MP works alot better is the fact that ryu stands up after the c.LP giving of the impression that a throw is comming and thus should work well up to 2k+ rankings, i dont see why anyone would press a button after 2 jabs (because of the pushback)

When you get very comftable with the game, you need to go away from automated frame trap strings like this into manualy delaying something to frame trap instead, as the 2 strings we talked about, very rarely work against someone of gold standart (when they are on their game)

Yes frame data isnt a scary tool but a outdated tool none the less (it was very relevant when we didnt have the options of recording strings to dummys and testing stuff out) it isnt needed anymore because of how robust the training mode is. If you want to know if its a frame trap, have a dummy ryu record the string and then try to press buttons and see what happens. James is old school and frama data was the way to learn the games way back then so its only natural that when in the position of teaching, you would go with what you know but in all honnesty, you do not need to learn frama data to win. A good example of this would be someone like Li Joe who i think it was Arturo said, dosnt use frame data at all and he won the last US tournament.


Not sure if its a true frame trap, but ive been using, (not sure on frames), xx hadoken or tatsu.


c.LK has 1 less frame of block advantage but yes it is indeed a blockstring (the lights) leading into a frame trap with c.MP xx Hadoken.
Word of advice though, c.LK cannot be canceled so for the sake of future growth, i would swap the last c.LK into a c.LP so you get the option to cancel it into a fierce DP as a hit confirm (if you dont have the reactions to do this yet, see it as a investment for the future for when you can)


In on thread, thanks makes it easier than the other combo thread with an outdated OP.

EDIT: Could you perhaps bold the most damaging combos please?


Thanks for this!


Thank you for this!


So. Counterhits are fucking awesome in this game. Ryu’s options seemed so limited until I started to see them.

Some frame trap/counterhit combos I’ve been using. They seriously change the pace of the game and get you knockdowns you normally wouldn’t get which seems to put your opponent on edge.

s.lp, Use this meaty. If the s.lp counterhits, will combo and you can do TC. If the gets the counter hit, you combo to sweep., Same thing. First counterhits you can just do your normal combo or sweep. Second counterhits you just sweep or target combo.

You can also poke with and if you see the counterhit pop up, combo into Hp, HK target combo.

When I’m nailing these my opponent spends so much time on his back. It’s great. I’ve even had people tech the sweep knockdown a few times in a row just to get meatied and countered into sweep again. It happens so fast they don’t even have time to think of something else to try. lol Watch for them. Counterhits are huge in this game. And these are just simple noob counterhit combos. Best offline, though…I don’t seem to be able to use them as much online.


Yes or else your c.hp whiffs after

Found a new legitimately 2crispy walk forward link that’s actually practical and potentially worthwhile to practice for high level players.

f+hp, c.hp xx VT, walk,, c.hp xx h.dp

Hard as fuck!


I used to have this problem too - the thing to remember is that as soon as you stun them, whatever hit you stunned them with will do a hard knockdown, and you’ll know immediately that you’ve stunned them (especially if you’re watching their stun bar). So unless you’ve stunned them with a DP cancelled into CA which then whiffs, you always have more than enough time to jump back from point blank range and jump back in to allow you to complete the j.HK, st.MP, cr.HP xx HP Shoryu optimal stun combo. This even works when you stun them with DPs. Unless there’s some bot-level mashing going on that I haven’t seen, I don’t think you can mash out of stun quickly enough to prevent this.

Agree about neutral jumping for whiffed throws and command grabs especially though!


I loved so much that in the first betas Ryu was able to link solar plexus from a CC st.HK. Now only possible with VT activation, for similar damage to, cr.hp link.

#133 CC walk forward, cr.hp can be super easy or super hard depending on where and what you score the crush counter on, so it’s entirely up to your judgement on the spot to go for the extra damage or to go for the guaranteed damage

you can link after xx VT, so if you’re very far away but want to milk more damage you can go for CC, step forward, xx VT,, xx h shoryu

idr what you can get after vt cancel. maybe cc, step forward, xx VT, xx tatsu would be better, who knows. the options are there though as long as you have VT, otherwise your long range conversion is a little weak. seems like you can almost always go for a second, or at the very least raw tatsu.


What’s the damage on it? I did it once and didn’t check


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This video shows the moves all players should be punishing and how other character will punish Ryu.


umm i posted this earlier in the thread and made a video… did no one bother to watch it? lol


Im getting overhead when trying to walk forward and mp.
Any other good VT combos?


Depends on your spacing. If you’re point blank, back dash will prevent you from getting tagged by throw, can bait out a throw tech, and should move you away fast enough during the startup to keep you save from buttons on wakeup. If you’re further out just walk back after feigning walk forward. Also depends on conditioning. If you always dash forward into throw then dash in dash out is good to bait throw. Ryu’s backdash is good because it’s fast enough and only moves him far enough away, not too far, to punish whiffs after backdash.