The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



are there any safe jump setups out there?


Yeah I think I saw someone say that if you CC sweep, then do something, then neutral jump HK, it’s a safe jump. Can’t remember what the normal is though. I think st.MP.


Sweep (CC or no tech) > s.HK > nj.HK is Ryu’s most reliable safe jump currently.


Are these meter less combos still legit?


Can anyone share how they confirm c.LK, c.LPxx DP HP. I for the life of me can’t get it fast enough to combo consistently

I see the confirm for many Ryu’s but I can’t get it for the life of me :frowning:


Practice canceling c.LP into DP by itself. Chances are you’re not hitting the cancel window early enough and you’re inadvertently linking the DP, which won’t work.


What I do is hold df as I’m doing the and c.lp, then finish the DP shortcut motion with d and df HP once I notice it connected.


I guess my inputs must not be clean enough since every time I try to use the shortcut, I get DP LP when trying to do the cr.LP

Thanks for the responses people!


Hold the LP down and don’t release til you’ve hit your HP. You are negative edging the LP.

There’s also a timing where you can input - st.lp -cr.lp xx DP and have the DP only come out if the jabs hit. It’s quite tight though and the spacings in this game make it quite risky.


I’ve been grinding this out for the last 2 weeks, and can still only do it consistently from P1 side (on pad) but P2 side I’d always be too slow and get the uppercut blocked.
Yesterday I finally got in 5 in a row from P2 so don’t give up, if you practice the motion slowly and properly, eventually you’ll be able to speed the last input up.


For me, the easiest combination of inputs to get this is:
[] :db: + :lk:
] :df: + :lp:
[*] :df: + :hp:

With the latter two :df: motions do them in quick succesion to ensure an appropriate cancel. The biggest issue is obviously you’re not really hit-confirming at this point, just making sure the combo comes out. (Or, at least I struggle since the last two down-forwards are just autopilot).


Just wondering if this combo is possible?
Jump in fierce
Crouching strong
Standing strong
Standing roundhouse
Short hurricane
Or replacing the crouching strong with standing strong then crouching strong? Thanks.


Nah, standing strong doesnt connect woth RH without v-trigger

Cr strong to standing strong also doesn’t link


The combos posted on here have helped me a great deal. Love the fact they’re some of the most simple to do, yet pack quite punch.


Never realized you could do TC v trigger cancel lp dp, ex dp in the corner.

I knew there was TC v trigger, lk tatsu, hp dp in the corner. You could even cancel dp into CA but you have to catch the opponent falling really low to the ground and it’s a tight link. Gets easier with lighter strength DPs but the damage trade off doesn’t make it worth it by much.


O wow, I’ve never even seen this done. Nice!


cr.LK, st.LP, st.LK xx MK tatsu

Is this combo still possible? its listed in FAT but I can’t seem to do it. I can do cr. LP, st. Lp tho.


yeah doesnt work


Im trying to implement c.lp x l.dp into my game, having a lot of trouble with motions, ive been trying df c.lp then again for dp but getting fireball/super lots. Any tips on the inputs please?


It’s a pretty quick cancel so you need to buffer the DP motion as soon as you hit the c.LP. And BTW, the l.DP won’t connect because of the pushback so you’ll need to use h.DP