The SF5 Ryu Combo Thread - Kick, Punch, It's all in the Mind!



You should be cancelling into HP dp every time because if the opponent mashes a reversal normal on wakeup, theres a good chance the, cr.lp will push the opponent too far for the LP.dp to connect. Try it with a Rashid dummy spamming on wakeup or a chun dummy doing st.lp. You will be surprised how much of a difference this makes when you try to, cr.lp.

  1. Download SF4, practice 3 hit combo confirm with ken ( > cr.lp > cr.lp > hp.srk)
  2. Come back to SFV
  3. Profit

No joke the hit confirm timing you learn from SF4 is all the same in SFV


How come I can’t get cr lp st lp st lk to work? The LK always whiffs.

Also, what is TC?


Target combo = TC. - Hp - Hk probably whiffs because it got shortened in S2. You can still do st.jab x 2 xx tatsu


Quick Execution Q:
If I’m doing s.MP -> s.MPxxFBxxCA what is the rule for the cancel into the CA? It looks like you need to roll the second QCF pretty quick and hit the punch button before Ryu begins recovery from the normal FB.

The timing seems to be different from S1 since they changed LP FB which is how I was doing it very consistently before :frowning:

Seems like holding the punch button makes it far more consistent. Maybe a negative edge issue?



Although those things happen, there are alternate better combos that do link. I mean he’s bad, but he’s not bad because of that stuff.



I need tips on landing this air combo. I use QCB+HK.


Just check the demonstration in the same location, and you’ll see where and when to aim your jumping medium punch. I found it pretty tricky too. I don’t regularly use it because it’s tricky, but it’ll get easier with time - in the meantime just check the demonstration to just clear the trial :slight_smile:


some interesting stuff by MDZ Jimmy


Does st.lp combo into anything?




Here are some combos that seem to be new for AE/S3 (I am just picking up Ryu now so my apologies if any of these were previously available):

  • s.LP, c.LK, c.LP xx LK Tatsu
  • s.LP, c.LK, c.LP xx EX Tatsu
  • s.LP (counter), s.MP, c.MP xx Tatsu (any variation)
  • s.MP, c.MP xx (LK or MK) Donkey Kick
  • s.MP, c.MP xx EX Donkey Kick, HP Shoryuken

Here are the combos in his Vol 3 Trials:

  • (VT1) s.MK xx VT1 activation, s.HK, s.LK xx EX Tatsu
  • (VT1) Jump + HP, s.MP, c.MP xx EX Hadoken, VT1 Activation, HP Shoryuken
  • (VT1) Jump + HP, s.MP, c.HP xx VT1 Activation, s.HP, EX Donkey Kick, HP Shoryuken
  • (VT1) Jump + HP, B+HK, VT1 Activation, F+HP, s.HP, HP Shoryuken xx CA



What can you follow up with after the ex donkey kick?


HP Shoryuken for sure (in VT1 and 2). I only had a few minutes to test things, and I didn’t try anything else

Edit: Any Shoryuken will connect after EX Donkey Kick. LP DP is the least damage and somewhat unreliable. MP and DP are the same damage and stun, and both seem reliable. EX DP seems to be very timing specific (but I am not great with execution by any means) - also, if you can hit EX DP late so both hits land it will do the most damage, but if you only land the second hit, it will do less damage than the MP or HP versions.

Not much else seems to connect with it. I did once (by accident) land a c.HP, but cannot do it again for the life of me.


Also, and maybe everyone else knew this, but I thought the extra Shoryuken juggle points associated wit VT1 was anytime during the match (when Trigger was active or not), but it seems that it is only available when VT1 is active.


Whoa, if Ryu is backed into the corner and does an EX Donkey Kick, the opponent bounces off the wall harder and comes closer to Ryu, allowing Ryu to connect to connect with either a DP or a B+HK, the latter can cancel into a LK or MK Donkey Kick, or even another EX Donkey Kick, which can be followed up with EX Shoryuken (VT1 or 2) or LP/MP/HP Shoryuken (only when VT1 is active).

In this scenario, Ryu can also connect with c.HP, s.HK, s.MP, and c.MK. Howver, even with VT1 active, I personally could not get Ryu to follow the c.HP with any Shoryuken, the s.MP with s.HP, or the c.MK with a Hadoken… Again, I’m not the best player execution-wise, so someone else may be able to prove me wrong.

If Ryu has an opponent cornered and does his EX Donkey Kick though, it seems impossible to follow up with anything (even a DP if VT1 is active).


You don’t get follow-up after EX DK in the corner.
However, it seems that you can do a lot of stuff after MK/HK DK (things I’ve tried so far, there are better ones I am sure):

  • whiff cr.MP into meaty throw or another cr.MP if they QR
  • whiff MP into axe kick if they QA