The SFA1 Thread

I know this game isn’t played much anymore, and is outshined massively by it’s sequals, I was playing it just now and it’s still pretty fun, yet very broken. commence the discussions.

Play Guy.


Personally I find Charlie fun to use in this game.

i think sakura was in that game, too but did it have evil sakura in it or was that sfa2 and the gold addition?

That was SFA2 and the gold addition. And I think the alternate sakura in that was just an alternate colour pallette.


thread fails btw

don’t be hating on this failure of a thread.

You’re right, seeing how we have a alpha forum already.

Best music in the series by far, and Dan was good. That’s all I remember about it.

Guy made the game almost not fun he was so God tier in that game. Great fun though. Chun-Li still had her poke game and Rose was just fun to play.

s.short,s.forward,s.roundhouse XX Rh daikyo burning

yeah, A1 is “dumb”.

You forgot the Sodom unblockable bug, too.

sorry but akuma and ken are the best not guy.

Anyway game was fine, and everyone had there own stuff more or less, so it wasnt that unbalanced. So yea the game being broken acctualy I dont think is very correct, a ton of characters have there own shit.

Akuma is akuma…
Ken has roll sheningans, and all shotos priorty game in that general was pretty ridiculous.
Ryu does the most dizzy besides guy and rose in the game. Few duck little kicks here and there and a red fireball, and the other guy is dead. Ryus hella underrated in alpha 1. Ryu and akuma also have unblockable cross ups.
Sodom roundhouse unblockable on the last few frames probably the cheapest character with rose, and guy. Doesnt matter when you tech a throw, you get unblcokabled, you get knocked down you get unblockabled. Best pray your reversals are good or the sodom somehow doesnt react to you rolling for some reason.
Dan hella powerfull. Hurricane kick is super good. His cross up has huge hang time hella easy to score with. Does a lot of dizzy to. Biggest problem with dan I think most his combos are acctualy rollable.
Rose, unblockable shadow crapola. Hella easy to deal with, mash dizzy slide on shadow. Suffers the same problem as dan though(Not that im trying to compare her to dan mind you necasarly)in that most her shit is acctualy rollable.
Guy not best character in game. Guy is not as good as akuma come on. Then again I think its obvious people didnt really play this game. Dizzys hella fast, and has a redizzy but I think both are slightly overrated. How many jump in attacks for guy to land these dizzy combos is he really landing? Sure guy will dizzy you. But people act like one hit and youve automaticly lost the match, and guy is not that calibur of character.

I dunno I could go on but getting tired of typeing, almost every character has something. I guess im of the opinon if you want to say the game is broken, then thats why the game is fine, cuz so many characters are “broken” in the game, that a lot of characters can compete somewhat. Plus theres only like 12 characters or something right? So yea.

And yea for people that just want to bitch about how guy has dizzy combos and a redizzy, I dont think people understand how good ryu, ken and akuma were in that game. All there moves had a shit load of priorty in that game, ryu and akuma had great cross ups. All of there air hurricane kicks were insane in terms of priorty and hella safe to the point of it was better to just take the hit then to block it, cuz if you blocked air hurricane kick air to air you were most likely eating some combo. And eating any combo from ryu, ment you were about to be dizzy the next hit or 2.

Anyway yea to much typeing…

And im also of the opinon is has some of the best balance of moves doing what they should. I guess the game is simple in that sence. Id say besides ST, and maybe champion ship or turbo alpha 1 is deffintly my fave real SF game. I think the only legitment complaints about it are the shitty backgrounds and roster.

Loved it back in the day, even though it was pretty shabby-looking and felt incomplete. Alpha 2 just proved what a shell of a game A1 was.

Akuma’s air fireball at a 45 degree angle ftw

you’re right, A1 wasn’t unbalanced, it just flat out sucks.



haha. :rofl:

Some Vids would be nice.