The SFAE Stick Mod and Nuby's god damn glue


I decided I was going to mod three SFAE sticks with Happ parts. One for myself, and two for friends.

I did mine last night in a few hours without a hitch. No problems whatsoever.

This morning, I opened up my room mates and noticed that his wires are layed out a bit different (not that that should matter), but more interestingly, all of the nuts that secure the buttons ARE GLUED like CRAZY, and cannot be turned. I managed to cut the rubbery glue on one button and remove it, but the rest are just too stuck.

Im going to get a dremel and a saw head for it and cut through the plastic, I think, but is there another solution to this retardednes? Its so frustrating.

Try using a blow dryer/heat gun to soften up the glue

Used a dremel with grinding head and saw head. Got em all out, but had to destroy one to do it (no big deal). Getting start and select out without ruining them was a BITCH.

Now im also finding that there is not enough wire on the ground wire for the buttons to reach in this model.

My mod was so easy, on my older model stick. These newer ones suck SO fucking bad… :wasted:


AND Arcadestickmonk’s wiremap is useles, because i just found the wires are not the same colors. No white and no dark grey. Purple and green instead.

Your right Keits. The wiring for the newer model sucks ass. I hated working on it. Goodluck man.

dont you have a button wrench and some muscle?.. all it takes is like one good turn to break the glue and it should come off… then some quick hacking to take the remnants of glue off and put the new buttons.

i just did it like last week to one and im bout to put it for sale.

This glue is like rubber. It does NOT break. It stretches.

Hahahha, I remember that glue. Fun times.

Keits it does break. Take a LOT of work though.

I didn’t even trust the wire map in case my particular stick was different. So i just typed down the specific colors to each button.

I got em in the right places via trial and error. My guesswork left me with

MP+MK - HP - LK - MP
HK - MP - LP - LP+LK

So i just had to move the quick disconnects into the right places. Also needed to strategically face the actuator’s prongs to make the tiny ground wire fit.

Needed to guess on the stick directions, too, but that was much easier to deduce using the length of the supplied wires as a clue. The stick is done, and working great. Finally. Now I have to do one more, and im preying its not full of that glue.

Considering that I dont have a button wrench, just my slim fingers, its nearly impossible to ‘break’ that glue. And, really, it tears more so than ‘breaks’, as it is much more like rubber cement than I origionally thought. My new dremel saved the day, and allowed me to cut or grind through all of it.

I pity anyone who has done the happ conversion on the late models of this stick, or anyone who chooses to do it in the future.

Hmm when I modded my sfac stick i just used an exacto knife to cut through the glue, then unscrew/unplug whatever i needed, easy as pie :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you got lucky. I tried an exacto and was unable to get through a lot of the glue. They really slathered the inside of this stick with the stuff. Really sloppy.