The SFIV Costume Pack Sharing Thread ['07-'09 members, read the rules first]


I dunno about you guys, but I’m not trying to buy each of these costume packs. Lucky for us PS3 owners, we can share them amongst each other as long as one of us buys the packs.

Just made this thread to encourage you guys to make a system amongst your friend lists to share the packs with.

REMEMBER - The person who originally buys the DLC can share it with FIVE friends and that’s it. But there should be plenty of us on here so that no one has to buy more than one DLC package. Just reminging you guys is all! Help each other out!:lovin:

Feel free to arrange shares/trades and the like in here.

:wonder: **** '07-'09 members read this sticky before you make a request request:****


I’m definitely interested.


Yeah but don’t you have to give them your email and password? o.o


You can temporarily change your password.:tup:


Good idea. That’ll soften the load for sure. I wasn’t planning on picking up any costumes, but it’s cool you guys are thinking this way.


Suggestion: Someone make a new PSN account to purchase it with; it activates on your system so person buying it gets it on their account regardless. That way you don’t have to worry about giving out emails and passwords and changing passwords/credit card info etc


Dunno about how that will work; don’t you have to be on the account to use it?

I only plan on getting the ones for the characters I use; which is basically the one that changes Cammy’s outfit.


You sign into their account to access their PSN Store download histore, grab the DLC and sign right back out. Takes less than 1 minuite.


I’ll put in a request to borrow someone’s. If someone will let me leech a couple DLC packs I have Bionic Commando or Puzzle Fighter to trade.

edit: and I can trade HDR.

For the right-now, I’d be most interested in trading the Classic CE costumes pack for the Girls pack.


Yeah, I’ll put in a request too for people who managed to get the Classic or Shadaloo packs.
EDIT: Wait, we can trade PSN games for DLC…? =O


Yup, here’s the gameshare thread:


Ah very nice.
In that case, I would trade Puzzle Fighter or HD Remix for the packs I listed as well, or I’ll purchase someone a month of premium or something. It’d be cheaper than buying them straight from PSN when they eventually come out.
EDIT: I have the Femme pack, btw. Buddy who was gonna share the Brawler pack already made his 5th system share :arazz:


Luigi we always trade dawg. I’ll get you some packs ;D


looking for femme pack i have the brawler pack and some games to trade


I’m down for it i already have the brawler pack and the female pack i will trade for the shoto pack when its up so let me know.


great idea, never thought of trading stuff. I got the brawler and female pack as well. willing to trade for future packs, hd remix, whatever. pm me


somebody need to trade me dat femme pack asap.


I have the brawlers pack and I’m interested in the femme pack, anybody wants to trade let me know.


i think the shoryuken pack comes out thursdays psn update


I need SRK pack as well. I got the first 2, Puzzle Fighter, a few episodes of the COllege Humor show and prolly some other junk i can’t remember tight now