The SFIV Fight For The TE Stick @ Famous Players Colliseum (04/11/2009)

For those that would wanna play this is a tourney at Famous PLayers Square One. Its at 12 I belive.

Its saturday prize from what i hear is either an

SF 4 Arcade Tournament Stick or an Xbox live party (run your own tourney lawl)

Now this is not the one i was talking about. But since i will be there to see how it runs to try and convince my gm to host a tourney I gotta see how it works with alot of people.

So if you can its right across from square one, i belive its fight pad only (ironic with what the prize is) its ten dollar entry fee.

Last one they had there were 15 people and a vega won… So show up and kick some ass.

Pro Tips:

  • Give ample warning for your tournament. You have given less than a week of notice. Not sure how many people you are expecting to turn out.
  • Take the time to fill out your post properly. Include details such as:

Date + Time - be more specific instead of “this saturday” and “it starts at 12, i think”.
FULL Address with Directions - This is self explainitory. Is it accessible by public transportation? What about parking? How much is that?
Location - Where exactly at “collesium” is the tourney being hosted?
Games Being played - I am assuming you are refering to SF4 but it could also be STHD
Fees - Admission Fee to the Site? Fees for each game?
Prizes - Pot split? Are the managers taking some of the pot money?
Tournament Format - ???

Check out Nagata Lock II’s posts if you need a format guideline.

With that being said, good luck with your tournament. Most if not all of the GTASF community will be in Hamilton at the same time for the monthly tourney.

Out of all the weekends, he had to pick the one that POWNZ was on. Screw that, i’d rather be at POWNZ.

what if he offers you a free angus burger?

i bet that can get you to change your mind!

NO no this isnt my tourney.

This is just one that i heared the colosium is running. Has nothing to do with me.

Thats why i dont have much information>

but i can answer some of the questions.

Its in sq1 its super easy to get too. any subway station will take you there its accessible by the 401 and the 403.,-95.677068&sspn=42.901912,93.164063&ie=UTF8&ll=43.591968,-79.639412&spn=0.01924,0.04549&z=15&iwloc=F

they have parking at the theatre so that shouldnt be a problem.

Date and time i have no idea about… but can always call them and ask.

Ill prolly show up just to watch and see what they did well and what could be improved as well as check out timing and shit.


I’ll be there. I’m off that weekend and have nothing to do on the Saturday of Easter weekend.

April 11th, that’s the weekend just after class ends, which means I’ll be there. I like someone from SRK winning the tourney and not a UofT scrub (this may or may not include me).

Free prizes.

Thats the weekend we were planning to have an SFIV tournament. Booh!!
We’ll, let’s see if people want to go to Sqaure 1 or Sherbourne station.
Whichever people prefer.


It’s usually a good idea to make tournament threads when you want to run a tournament instead of trying to cripple one Russell.

Nagata: LOL!! that would make sense. I’ll confirm with him the dates and i’ll post something. Sorry to clutter a different tourny thread.

Continue discussion with Coliseum tournament.


Oh man, the TE stick is too much to pass up on. Dunno how i’d be able to get first if the GTASF starts to show up, but I’ll enter anyways…

Probably a Xbox stick tho right? I’d rather if you got a choice on the system of the TE stick.

I’m in the same boat. I’d much rather take a shot at winning a TE stick, even if I’m just flipping it for a few bucks. It’s closer to Hamilton & Brampton and would obviously be the easier tourney.

EH i jsut got the updated news today…

And i belive it be a 360 te stick… but thats not 100% sure. my friend says his manager is huntin one trying to find it online and buy one.

Ill ask more questions get you some more answers.

:rolleyes: Oh that inspires confidence. :rolleyes:

:wgrin: They go for $800 online. :wgrin:

I seen them sell for 300-400 online.

But can anyone edit the top post of this thread to say tourney on april 11th.

You can edit the post yourself.

It easy, you just scroll up to your first post and click on the button where it says “edit”.

ProTips: You can changed the thread title in the first post too.

EDIT: I swear, this better not be some kind of bait and switch tactic. There better be a TE stick there up for grabs!!!

Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m going ballistic on someone if I find out there’s no stick as a prize.


Pics of you holding the stick or no one will show.