The SFIV Fight For The TE Stick @ Famous Players Colliseum (04/11/2009)

So, this is a pad tourney though? 360? PS3? Allow for retarded button configs?

When I click edit I dont get the option.

Now im not 100% sure of the stick prize, as I have nothing to do with it, so call them on the day or before to see if they are offering that as a prize.

Yeah pad, they did allow button config last time so this time probably aswell

And that my friends is the end of the sticky.

<RPGv2> !8ball is that colesium tourney’s grand prize a TE street fighter stick?
<JbsClass> Definitely not.
<RPGv2> !8ball Is it an xbox live party?
<JbsClass> Definitely yes.


I just heared from a friend who works their thats what their doing. Well no point for you guys to go then… cuz thats a lame prize.

The engrish

Shh im baked.

But yeah call day of ask what the prize is so you dont waste your time.

Well that’s a disappointment. I’ll probably still go, because Coliseum is close to me.

But xbox pad…urgh.

Im gonna go just to watch, see how they run it… and i think some firends are gonna enter.

'Sauga girls, food nearby and SF4?

I’ll probably show up.

Lol I actually paid attention to the posts and realized its on 360 filth, nvm.

360 pad-only tourney… this tournament was made for me. How about we host T10 with my free pass to host a tournament? :stuck_out_tongue:


So no stick :frowning:

I was at my friends house yesterday and asked him, he said chances of a stick are slim.

So could some one edit the top and remove the stick portion please?

What a terrible attempt to hype the tourney. Lying about prizes available to people he’s never met before.

I dont know if you think we’re a bunch of dumbasses but I’m sure everyone here is not that gullable. Pretty much any tourney is being ran by Nagata Lock, and now the guys in Toronto started running tournies. You’re just some random shmuck.

First off your an idiot who cant read. I never said this was the tourney i was running or attempting to get done.

This was just a tourney I heard about because I live / work in the area of square 1, and my friend works at the famous players. He also participated in the first tournament.

He told me exactly what i told you guys, that his manager was trying to get a TE stick, and was even looking on ebay for one, and then when i asked him about it again he stated it will probably just be a xbox party.

But with a xbox party, you can make a cash tourney if you really wanted to.

So really just because you cant read posts you shouldnt jump to conclusions.

Why would I read some dumbasses post about a false prize.

If its not your tourney, why’d you make 2 threads regarding tournaments in movie theaters? Its a dumb idea.


  1. I wanted too thats why. I made one asking a question, and I made one about a tourney i heared about. If you make assumptions based on those things thats your problem not mine.

and 2 famous players already did it, i heared it was gonna be a TE stick prize so i posted it.

You woulda see I said multiple times, it might be… and better to call ahead and ask so you dont waste your time if its not. I wasnt saying OMG TE STICK PRIZE FOR SURE 100% but you wouldnt waste your time to learn that.

So sucks for you.

Ya. I’m the sucker for NOT wasting my time. You got me there.