The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


Obligatory reminder that we’ll be livin our life like it’s golden soon.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: Lounge Discord Link!

froztey drops like tears in the rain


And yet still no thread named after me

How much I gotta pay you


Froztey can change the title if he wants. Nobody said anything better so this is it for now.

Remind me on the next thread closing.

Or just pay me 100 dollars.


I just bought Blazblue during the Steam Wintersale.

Who should I play?


Doesn’t matter, already decided to pick Kokonoe




She taller but it’s fine
Together we 6’9


SFV: AE be like

(beware its a shit song)



REEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m not on Wi-Fi you cucks. FT5 kek…is what @TWINBLADES would say.


My dog is sleeping right now he ate a lot of puppy food and now he is tired.


Damn that’s throwback there. I remember that now.


This title offends me


I made it!


At least you can rest easy knowing

You are a better player than I am


So i was doing the math going back to the discussion we were having about needing to play more to get the match experience to catch up.

Most high ranked players have between 10-20k just in ranked matches played. Mk-iwate is an outlier with almost 40k. Lmao

I need to play at least 50 matches per day from now until June to get above 10k. Between my 2 accounts I’ve got around 3.5k in ranked and almost 8k total.

I think the hardest part is going to be sticking to the grind. I get about 20 games in per hour so thats about 2.5 per day.


yeah I wouldn’t like to be called a twinblades either


I have a total of 4824 matches, only 900 in Ranked. Definitely these numbers gonna rise because my Zeku needs experience.


I wanna actually be a decent FG/Monster Hunter World streamer this year since I’ll have a little more time in my day in a few months.

I’m pretty mediocre/intermediate at FGs but hopefully my personality/complaining carries me like some other streamers. Getting good would help, too, I suppose.


No more lewd for 2018!!!


honestly the first thing i thought of when i saw the new UI was the chorus.