The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


TBH if your character isn’t good, dropping them is the best way to react to it.


Ves: Blanka main since 1992


I don’t always practice what I preach, but I dropped Vega for being bad.


vega bad

dont let vega hurt you anymore the few are left, its ok to leave him!!!


Vega, Graham Wolfe.

Both retired.


I dropped Hugo in SFxT after they nerfed him too, and replaced him with top tier Nina. Don’t fuck with bad characters.


I don’t think I’ve dropped anyone ever. I’ve ran characters in tandem, but never fully dropped them.


i dropped Rolento in the first console version of ultra street fighter 4. It hurts, but fuck using bad characters.


I dropped Venom in Xrd cause Raven is easier and better.

My original MVC2 team had Iceman on it, boy got upgraded to Sentinel.

Playing good characters is just more fun.


What do you mean with bad characters? Just everyone that isn’t top tier or just the absolute worst like Ryu?


I dropped SFV because of Ken being bad.

Now I’m dropping MvCI to come back to SFV because bad character in living game > any character in ded game


There are different levels I’ll tolerate game to game, but if someone isn’t top 1/3rd of the cast my interest level is pretty low at this point.



Who wants to be my valentine? :bee:


I think the big difference with 5 is at least characters like Gouken in 4 had their own style and we’re fun to play. You weren’t playing a shit version of Akuma, it was a completely different experience.

Same with T Hawk or even Blanka. Juri was completely different as was Hakan.

Now everyone’s just got different power levels of the same shit.


Nah, gotta keep that character loyalty. But keep your character roster smallish.


@“Evil Canadian” Vega still good.


Vega needs to be emergency deleted from the game

I resent him for stealing a year of my life putting time into him.


It’s ok, come season 4 they will nerf him some more.


What do you think should happen in 5 to make characters’ be completely different experiences? Is the problem so fundamental that it is too late to fix?


Dang. Chris T’s bitching have achieved legendary status .