The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


Not hated



I think when it comes to offense and stuff on this game, one of the main problems I have with it is that defensive options cover more options than do offensive options.

On offense you kinda have to perfectly predict what the opponent will do defensively to counter it. Whereas on defense, the combo of blocking, jabbing, reversaling and backdashing will each beat multiple offensive options.

On the other side of this, stagger pressure with mediums “beats” all those options. But “beats” them is a strong word. It does small white damage on block, loses to jabs when not timed properly, loses to reversals and only does very small damage to backdashes.


I haven’t even touched this game since it’s release day, I’m just now getting into the game and now I have to look everywhere for info so I can catch up to ya. I’m still undecided who to main


I don’t wanna enter the Matrix. Fuck that.

That’s bullshit. Rounds ending in 10 to 15 seconds with all of this unga offense and v triggers. We need more defensive options to cover us from anything that could get us off of block.


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Not sure if serious.

When I think of “offense” in this game I mostly think about unga and v trigger Laura/urien stuff/ most other triggers (and corner throw loops which are gone in s3). Outside of that the offense seems pretty tame. For me it’s less that there is a need for more defensive “options” there’s just a need for actual neutral AA to… you know, work. That alone shores up a lot of the problems. The game seems to be balanced around people seeing the point blank position very frequently based on strong dashes and strong jumpins so the upclose game is tamed to facilitate that… you get in a lot more frequently in this game than others, but your options once in are less strong overall. In old games someone gets in on you and it’s close to guaranteed damage. But getting in wasn’t “easy” per se.

I actually like the offensive strategy in sf5. I just wish that I didn’t always feel the need to be point blank or threatening to be point blank with 95% of the roster.

It’s weird.


I was in School and Didnt like the game season 1 and 2 but its going in the right position now so im interested, just got laid off today and now possibly thinking of joining the military as you can see my life is all types of fucked up lol


So… Am I crazy or there’s no Dragon Ball FighterZ board on the front page?


There isn’t. Anime isn’t respected here. Go search fighting game discussion for your one general thread about the game.


So i was gonna clear cinematic story on hard for the 30k fm before AE drops, but all my story data has been deleted for some reason? Everything except for Karin’s story is at 0%.

Yeah I’m doing doing the story twice.


DBZ will be blacker than Marvel.


No, Anime Yamcha.


Trolling for the most part. Realistically agree with most of what you’re saying. That’s why I like Ibuki because I can stick to people the most with her of the characters that I play.


Walk up c.HP still works after uncharged s.HP CC. Of course you’re not going to land s.HP CC reliably from that up close, but with how far he walked up to land that c.HP, you could probably land the s.HP from a bit further than that and still get the walk up which isn’t bad for a minus 3 that stuffs most standing and crouching buttons.

Which means if you have enough time to walk up and c.HP, you should very easily have enough room to dash up c.MP at the minimum. I guess dash up s.MP won’t work because s.MP is the same start up as c.HP.

Charged s.HP CC still allows dash up c.HP.


Stream of AE training mode stuff


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The brussel sprouts were on point @“DevilJin 01”


Shit is wack. Vid shows him fucking the combo up at first as well. That CC combo will only really be available against reversals that leave people close. Will wait and see what he gets. Basically I’m calling him getting nothing from max range/near max range and about 70% of my crush counters fall in that category.

Guess he might get ex tackle at max range. Pretty ho hum.


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I see Nemo getting a lot of mileage off of charged s.HP since that leads to dash up c.HP still on counter hit and he uses it often to cancel into fireball even if blocked.

Those 30 percent should still give you the range for dash up c.MP which isn’t bad.