The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


Ryu’s hitbox is definitely extended hits past his ankle.


You could try and act out what just happened in that gif. I dunno, it’s not something you can visually identify , if it’s been buffed we would be talking like 1-2 small squares on the grid, it would be too hard to see that.


Well, it’s not going to be mind blowing either way since basic c.MK fireball doesn’t true string or anything like that and probably won’t leave you at any interesting place frame wise outside of VT1.


Hey maybe Ryu will be able to outfootsie Laura now


Check the AE stream archive the dude was specifically trying out things we all talked about


Brings up an interesting point, what happens if you use V-trigger parry on a fireball. Does he punch through the fireball? That would fuck that bitch up.


If it works like Alex’ sledgehammer attack after parry with much faster start up, could be interesting vs fireballs.


It probably works like Abigail’s V-Skill parry where there’s like a hitbox shockwave and if you’re in it you get caught, just that Ryu’s has a vaccuum effect on top so if you’re in the air you get grounded and such.


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DBFZ’s beta is doing a SFV beta with the failure to connect to the server.


Outsourced low-rent animation aside, Vega’s VT2 is looking both decent and versatile.

I agree re: Ryu’s - it looks to have slightly more forward reach. I’m really looking forward to trying him in S3.


"Let’s get back to the beta and start with the dates, in case you missed them (if that’s even possible):

13th January at 8am GMT/9am CET (if you pre-ordered the game on Playstation Store.)
14th January at 8am GMT/9am CET for everyone."


^ I preordered on ps store


The streams for the game are unwatchable ATM with no one being able to play. Even if they were playing it’d be ABC knockdown super fest with saiyans. Meh.


maybe its get enabled later for the us version?
streamer is from germany.


I’m French and I have some friends that were able to get matches earlier, I checked twitter and a lot of people are experiencing the same thing all around the world + matchmaking issues. Oh well I’ll play after work.
CPU battle is available but the team selection is random


Hm I got in, training mode isn’t in game just tutorial mode. Couldn’t figure out how to summon shenron after having all 7 dragon balls and 7 meters.

Guess I’ll try something tomorrow. No training mode sucks.


I summoned Shenron - seems that the number of 10s in your combos determines which ball you get (e.g. 10 hits for the one star ball, 20 hits for the 2 star ball, etc). Then you have to do the light attack super move. The super will get interrupted and Shenron’ll show up.

Oh yeah! Figured out that you get a dragon ball whenever you do a light attack auto combo.

There’s even a specific order for getting the dragon balls when you auto combo:

1st auto combo - 4 star ball
2nd auto combo - 2 star ball
3rd auto combo - 5 star ball
4th auto combo - 3 star ball
5th auto combo - 6 star ball
6th auto combo - 7 star ball
7th auto combo - 1 star ball


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