The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


Not yet. I hated his SFIV Aztec costume way more. It made his blanka balls take up most of the screen and reminds me of what I hate about Necalli once he gets into v trigger. The plushie isn’t really a loud design so it doesn’t bother me.

Just have to settle with how many posts back you are for now.

I need to insightful stuff again. Need dat eye


I am 100% sure that discourse allows for way more reaction types than just ‘Like’.


I’m pretty sure Discourse offers a lot more flexibility, unfortunately I don’t think the top level admins care enough.


There is a reaction plugin for Discourse that is mostly emoji based. I am unsure if Discourse cloud hosting lets you install your own plugins, and if it does I’m not sure if admins will bother.

If you’re going to mod it to be a traditional forum, why bother with Discourse in the first place? The whole point of Discourse is that it’s NOT traditional. Why mod something when there are solutions that are what you want already?


What if we get premium memberships that give us more emotions and pages? The potential of premium knows no limits!


Might as well do it if it’s available to do. Like I’ve said before, as long as SRK is active there’s no absolute need to go somewhere where ultimately the base won’t get any larger because no one new will show up. You just have a little cave of leftovers from the actual site. It’s fine if a site is dead, but with SRK being alive might as well get the most of discourse.

Knowing that there are bookmarks and stuff I can live if there is no way to mod in pages. Long as we get some real reaction icons and some bigger avatars that’ll settle well for me. Pages would be a nice bonus after that. Funny enough it seems to be even easier to find old VBulletin and Xenforo posts than on Vanilla. I’m looking at old 2002/3 posts now and it’s pretty funny.

We had to shape up Vanilla to be what people thought was decent (and didn’t know any different of since that’s when they joined). Nothing new here.

Another thing I do like is that the discourse staff actively monitors the forums so there’s always a branch out of the people who work on the site to relay to. Meaning extra ideas can be passed on to them. Maybe even impress them with things they didn’t think of or could decide to make as standard for their software later on. Someone else to actually relay to since Evo staff is pretty much entirely social media based now.


My point is that they didn’t really research what the community liked.

There are forums with reactions. There are forums with pages. There are forums with good search functions. Some are paid. Some are free! Discourse is probably the worst thing they could have gone with in terms of software that fits the tastes of the (mostly) old-school crowd here.

Now that people are stuck with Discourse they can mod all they want – but if they had picked something else all that work would be unnecessary.


Like I’ve said before. Everyone that’s still here now and before were already getting what they were dealing with. Posting on a site where the people who ran the site only gave so much of a shit. With that said there’s clearly a core set of people who are sticking to SRK and with the staff actually giving a little bit of a shit, it’s definitely better than not having the forum at all or having to exile somewhere where no one new will really show up. Especially when we were dealing with something that already wasn’t amazing before.

With Vanilla we should have been able to go through more than 5 pages without having to click to get to 5 more pages, we should have had notifications for quote and replies, should have had a lot of things there too. SRK has always been about people that don’t give a shit and the spilled milk it causes, but we’ve always stayed despite that and gives us a place to discuss and occasionally bring new people away from social media.

They’re just gonna have to mod all they want and we’ll have to see if our ideas turn into things that work out.


Got my account back ;_;

Now give me Falke!




GGs uninstalling SFV for good


I found some Falke


Thanks to Geralt I already managed to convinced two friends who never play fighting games to buy SCVI.

Gotta hand it to Namco, that was a big coup as far as marketing goes.


Welp, old guy from some game I don’t play.

Maxi tomorrow?


Meh. Wish we had gotten 2B instead.

Oh well.


Geralt looks sick.

And they used the theme I predicted! Feelsgood.

I still haven’t finished Witcher 3, might be the time to do it now. :3


I just don’t get why his intro isn’t him in a bathtub.
And hopefully we will get a costume where all he is wearing is a towel. :innocent:


8 different Guiles in a row. SF hasn’t been this boring since the Ken days from Vanilla SFIV.


Good advice, and a particularly important one for those looking for learning GG. That game can be pretty overwhelming if you want to do optimal stuff right off the bat, even playing the easier characters.


everyone shut da fuck up about the new eye-raping forum layout and help me make my fantasy team

who do you think are the best picks to get far