The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


DA BEEZY is back. SRK’s return is official.

Pick the team with Tokido in it. He’s gonna be angry after Kemonomichi


fo sho. i picked him since my gut tells me that he’ll make grand finals but he is 33% more expensive than ppl like xian and menard.


Itabashi might be a good pick.
He is really comfortable with Abigail now.


we need insightful back but we need to go further beyond
need like 100 garbage upvote style things, each more confusing than the last.


Please be Falke… :pray:


It makes sense for Falke to be announced at FR. I can even see her being playable a week later after her reveal.


I think we will get Falke and 3.5 announced this month, but to be released on April 17, 2018.


Falke is the character i wanted to play the most, but disappointment if she doesn’t show up would be funny.

I like Sakura so I’ll live either way


Nerf falke


Are you guys in on that FR Fantasy bracket? It’s the first time I’ve done a fantasy thing and I now feel 100% more invested in the tournaments (SFV, Tekken, DBF) than I used to be.


who you got nigga


Preface: I haven’t watched an SFV tourney in at least half a year and only know big names.

Tokido, Itabashi, Bonchan, Punk (Though I’m pretty sure he isn’t as dominant as last year), Problem X, Haitani, Nemo, Sako, Nephew (I saw a replay thumbnail on YT saying Nephew was good),

I needed to fill out the rest of my 12 so I picked cheap players: Chris Nguyen (Pretty sure he plays marvel, not sure if he’s good here), CJShowstopper (I remember the name from a long time ago), Musa (No idea who this is


8 unique characters, perfect in top 8 = yes, 5 GF games, no sakura/blanka


nice. i wanna pick up problem x (and other bison players) but you never know where they’ll end up.


If kindevu went I would have went for Sakura top 8


kinda new podcast about fighting games


on the dbz front


Final Rouund Day 1 stream just went up on Capcom Fighters Twitch


We live let’s Go1


sick intro!