The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


What intro?


Final Round SFV intro


Nice match, that Jamaican Ken player was pretty good.


Imagine being in pools and your first match is fuckin Goichi


If you got GO1 first you just gotta hold dat L, unless you’re that good then maybe you can win.

Marn still scumming it out with the ninja.


Highland still missing though


He’s waiting for Sagat trailer


Finally got back in here.


Hi fellas been a while Abi still reigning supreme i see.


Looks like it worked. Good shit. We’ll get reaction icons eventually. Until then love this nice space.

Abigail x Menat Edition is here.


is one of the players using the name Fartboner?


“arcade edition”

the title goes right into the toilet when you see that the target audience is pad using coach potatoes teabagging each other.

capcom pls.

usually in an arcade you dont use pads, teabagging isn’t a known gesture due to its use among arcade genre is unknown, in an arcade when you disrespect someone you should back it up. it’s real life.

arcade edition my ass. (just watched a menard-punk match, felt old)

as a usually drunk poster with needs to edit, I came back after almost a year and those forum changes made me feel old also. :frowning: sad emoticon


I feel old goddammit,

some kid in evenhubs comment section posted something like “the average player is in diamond league.”

I’m a 30+ plus years old working and studying heap of shit male. Aint nobody got time for that! I also have bronchitis. I’ve set up a smurf account to play blanka, got platinum and said fuck it I’ll go casual. why the grind?

Fucking forum is dead. I presume all hip kids are on their instagram (is instagram not cool? I just have a facebook account like an old relative.) or other hip social media thingy to talk about fighting games. ffs.


take a chill pill brotha, you on some “get off my lawn you young whippersnappers” ish lol


I feel exactly like eastwood in gran torino.


You and me both fam.


You youngsters should stop complaining!


Does anybody believe in Falke this weekend or nah?


I am counting on that happening.
We need S3 to hurry past so we can have S4 this year.


I’m actually expecting Ono to troll us all again actually. So yeah, not buying the Falke hype