The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO


Kichipa is the only Gief left and he is in losers. :frowning:
I hope he manages to make to top 32 at the very least. All the other Giefs turned their backs to MUSCLE SPIRIT and went Vroom Vroom.
That is most sad!


3.5 will give Laura and Balrog the buffs they deserve


The truck has a really nice engine. Can’t blame em.

I’m rooting for Muscle Spirit all the way though. Go Kichipa and Fuudo.


I will be rooting for Fuudo as well today.
He should totally put on Mika’s student costume irl to confuse his adversaries and ride it to glory and to win FR 2018!


Rog couldn’t win shit even when he was top tier tho


yea it was kinda the same with Laura.

I think she won as many premier events in s2 as in s1.


These filthy pad players always disrupting tournaments. They gotta do something about this shit.

Track em, find em, kill em.


Filthy Gaijins never desynching pads. smh


keyboard is the way


This is why I used a wired 360 pad with a converter

Don’t have to desync if you don’t have a wireless option


NL’s Cammy brought a ruckus to Kubo’s Abigail. That’s one dent in the monster truck gang today


A double perfect. What a way to be sent to losers.
Vroom Vroom ran out of gas there.


I hate how Ceroblast plays. He doesn’t have a good solid style to swap to. Just crazy 24/7.

Couldnt be happier to see him lose


I’ve fought Cero a few times online. He’s like the American Eita.

Good to see local Karin player 56k almost beat Sako. He’s improved a lot since I last played with him.


I think I know why I’m so passive at fighting games, I have 0 reaction and every time I push a botton its the wrong one at the wrong time so I resort to blocking 24/7 but it only works at low levels and besides I’m not even that good at blocking.
Shit it’s frustrating, makes me think that maybe I’m just not cut for FGs


It’s probably just SFV. I could AA with Ultras in SFIV but I can barely get a heavy normal out in time in SFV.


nah, it’s almost the same for every FG, I’m just bad.
Should put more work on my neutral game and in fighting my fear of doing things


It’s just tougher if you haven’t already had your life around fighting games before. I have been playing them since I was 4 so it’s like a bicycle for me. You just get on and keep going from where you were.


To piggy back on what DJ is saying, I started when I was about 9 and I’m 34 now. But for me I’m sitting at fraud Super Plat. I don’t really practice much and just hover into casuals Friday nights, and that’s okay. Not tryna be competitive like that right now. Fighting games are along the most difficult genre to play, but they’re super rewarding when you learn. @stronzolo stay with it - maybe have someone evaluate your game. Could help some…


I’m in a similar boat, but I’m gonna keep paddling. I enjoy it too much to quit, despite the Ls and the glacial pace of my improvement.

I got some good feedback from some SRK members (thanks again, @Bea_Iank and @KingCrimson), so I at least know why I suck now. I’ll just keep trying to improve and remember that I enjoy the game when I cough up points every time I’m on the verge of Super Bronze.