The SFV Lounge: You're getting Dan for Christmas

Its frustrating and stressful but its actually kinda fine. There are just a multitude of things going on in those moments that are built up. My family has an F tier in communication. When I say an F tier, I mean SRK election thread levels of people talking past each other without actually listening. So its a combination of end of life anger that comes with the situation enhanced by the things that were already there.

You know, mom has cancer, they call you at 9 o’clock at night, you sort of assume that shit is going down. Get there, ask if everything is okay, and then met with “We didn’t say anything was wrong, mom just wanted you here”. Then after that some minor stuff happen where I did nothing wrong but still got treated like I was the asshole.


Thank you guys for all the thoughts and comments. I appreciate it, small apologizes for not having told you guys. I posted all the stuff in the GD lounge because that’s just where I’ve been rocking for a decade. Kinda silly to drop it like that at random in here.


Cancer is a fucked up disease, sorry to hear about that.

Sorry to hear that @Pertho. I wish your mother, you, and your family strength during this time.


I went through this with my dad. I really wish that you nor anyone else had to deal with this. I know its hard man. :pensive:


Wow, holy shit. Everyone has the need for independence at a young age, but sometimes it can feel really scary to look into possible futures. Good luck, Pertho. Don’t let anything stop you. Let me know if I can help in the future.

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You ain’t gotta apologize for posting that.

I went through something pretty damn similar with my pops. So I relate to that end of life anger, its tough as hell.


Sorry to hear Pertho, fuck cancer.

  • Doesn’t like asymmetrical controllers.
  • Doesn’t like Smash.
  • Doesn’t like paying too much for controllers.

Oh, the irony…


Be a man and get a Dualshock

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Not everyone cares for the Dual Shock fam.

I didn’t ask if he cared for it

I said be a man

tenor (16)


The Pro Pad was 110 reais cheaper and has native support on the Switch.

Analog being in the wrong position is weird, but this pad feels good.


Yeah the Dualshock 4 is still way too expensive, but so are most controllers.

I like the pro pad a lot, but this USB adapter has spoiled me. It let’s me use my Dualshock on everything, so I just do that.

I’d honestly prefer Xbox controllers if their D-Pad was segmented like Sony’s. I guess that’s less important to me nowadays though since I play fighters on stick anyway…

I was trying to be nice. The Dual Shock has been ass since @Volt was in diapers.

Can confirm…have smashed 2 in fits of rage and they couldn’t take the heat.

Symmetry > trash lolBox pads.

I like the ergonomics of the Xbox controller a lot better than the Dualshock’s, but I find that the D-pad always wears out pretty quickly.

Snagged the last Playstation 5 in Singapore.

It was sold out in literally seconds.

Sony store crashed, retailers websites crashed too. Jesus Christ. All that thirst for new tech. The 3080 RTX is sold out worldwide too I think.


You grew up with the trash design. You don’t know better.

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