The SFXT Guile video thread

so i thought i’d take the liberty of starting this thread, mainly out of curiosity of seeing some other people’s guile teams. and i think most of all, watching how other/better players are winning allows us all to get better.

so yea, if you think you’re guile team is good, post a vid. if you found a sweet setup, combo, or strategy against certain characters, post a vid. if you’ve found any top level japanese replays of sxft guile on youtube/nico etc, please share them with the rest of us.

are critique me vids allowed?

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of course!

****MIZOTERU (Ryu/Guile) vs. kintetsucc (Chun-Li/Guile) ****


Salty Battles #04 - SFxT W3 - FC ChrisG VS Josh Wong


South Jersey Championships - SFxT - DMG Slob Murph vs Josh Wong - Grand Finals


AfroCole (DH/GU) vs Finelikewine49 (GU/CA) - SFxT - Thursday at GameClucks - GCFGL Week Two


a video uploaded from my POS phone. sound is off. I’m thinking of getting rid of King though due to people grabbing me out of my EX cmd throws which is total BS! I’m hella happy with Guile as he stands though.


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ok so i thought i’d post this video of me playing on psn for 2 reasons.

1 - at the very start, it shows why auto tech might be one of the better gems for guile vs ryu. it kinda stops all that herp derp fireball cancel stuff.
2 - there’s a small glimpse of the chemistry guile and heihachi have, although in this round he never actually stays in the fight.


@ Wikum

niiice, I might try to pick up Hei instead of King.

Found this playing in training with GU/HU:


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I really liked the way you played. I never played Guile before this game and I learned a bit about him from watching that. I also use auto tech gems with my double battery team of Ogre/Guile and it works beautifully.

took some advice and equipped the auto tech gem. mwahahahaha!


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The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross Season 5 Ep. 5 - SFxT: TIME OUT


mike ross living up to his reputation by playing the most fraudulent guile ever, lol.

I’m bored so I recorded these combos. (if someone can tell me how to fix audio lag when uploading to YouTube from an android phone I’ll love you forever!)

  1. > udk > cl.hp xx lp boom > ghk > cr.mpx3 xx lk fk [441]

  2. > udk > cl.hp xx lp boom > cr.lp > xx lp boom > [396]

  3. > udk > cl.hp xx EX boom > cr.lp > xx SH [525]


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@Dragonfave723 delete that post please. geom mod deleted the video. thanks

ok, so i don’t know if this is common knowledge or not (i don’t think it is), but you can combo into guile’s target combo from a counter hit jab. i did it at the 1.35 mark of this match i had tonight:

p.s watch that match to check out my bodega juri failing to alpha counter, lol.

edit - i’m a total moron and didn’t realise you can combo into his target combo regardless of whether it’s counter hit or not. my bad.


feedback would be nice. want to know what other ppl are doing.

i don’t abuse low forward > back roundhouse because it is punishable, but i should use it more til the masses figure out good ways to punish it.

so please no feedback on the lack of use



I LOL’d at “try jumping in SFIV. That’s 170 every time with Dee Jay.”

I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now, but you should be doing two cr. :mp: xx Flash Kick when you tag Guile in, as opposed to one. You can do three in the corner. You can even do :f: :mk:, cr. :mp:, cr. :mp: xx Flash Kick, but the timing on that is tricky and I’m still trying to nail it.

You can also be doing this combo off of counter hit air-to-airs.

I think maybe you should use cr. :hp: more as an anti-air. It hits an angle that Flash Kicks don’t, and Hugo’s body splash is free to it. It’s less damage overall, but I find it usually trades less too, and now that Guile has 950 life, trades are bad news.

st. :mp: is also a good anti-air button, I’m discovering. I’ve tested it against Gief with great success, I’ll have to see how it does against everyone else.

Specifically about your matches, I agree that Hugo was free to basic zoning, and that’s exactly what you did. I don’t really like Guile’s Super in this game, and wasting one of three bars on an EX Boom seems too costly (it’s essentially half a super). So I find I’m using meter with Guile only when I tag cancel flash kicks. You’re safe against most people on block, and if you have a character like Heihachi or Julia you can actually do a lot of damage. Although this can often make your opponents scared to pressure you, which is fantastic news for Guile, it can be a little too random and scrubby, so I usually use Guile as a straight up battery for my Julia, who lands supers like crazy.

I like your “fundamentals” angle on SFxT, and I agree, a lot of people right now are mesmerised by “SFIVAE, but with juggles and ground bounces!”.

Lol I get exactly the same damage on my max damage combo with Guile x Julia. I use j. :hk:, Reverse Spin Kick, cl :hp: into launcher followed by a simple Julia tag in combo finishing with Cross Art for exactly 606.

i’m still skeptical about normal AAs, but i’ll play some endless to discover the appropriate cases.
as for my combos i already have more gameplay on my youtube channel if you are subbed.
the eGuide taught me sobat cr. mp cr. mp x flash kick
i do the sobat really late and usually get the cr. mp twice on small characters. regular and larger characters are usually free.
thanks for the feedback as well

Good advice on the sobat juggle, I’ll have to try that. I agree that AA normals aren’t nearly as good as they are in AE. St. :mk: is pretty much useless now. Still, I think a few might be useful in specific matchups, and cr. :hp: is often good. Jump-back roundhouse still works, too.

A word of advice to anyone who’s thinking of “upgrading” from cr.:lk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:mp: xx Flash Kick to cr.:mp:, cr.:mp: xx Flash Kick - it’s not always a safe blockstring. You can and will get picked up by Giefs mashing super. This is from hard experience.


This is a good video to give an introduction from bare basics to some advanced corner stuff for what Guile can do. All the most important concepts are shown, including comboing from Sonic Booms, and comboing after Guile High Kick and Reverse Spin Kick.

The interesting new thing in this video is comboing off of Guile’s Straight Chop ( :f: + :mp:). I was looking around some Italian forums and they seem to think it only works standing (it actually does work on crouchers), and that the link is unfeasible in regular play.

After experimenting for a bit, I think the best solution is to use it mainly with Counter Hits, similar (but inferior) to the way Hugo and Steve players use their overheads. You can easily charge a Boom to get CH at any point in the match, and after that, I suggest cr.:lk:, cr.:mp:, st.:hk: Launcher. You can hit confirm after the first two attacks, which are safe and on block put the opponent in a nice high-low mixup. This also works midscreen and though you have to be very close, you don’t have to be at maximum close range to land it.

Make no mistake, you’ll land this combo extremely rarely, but still, it’s worth trying if you’re that close to your opponent and going for the overhead.

in the corner, add some old school with: s.hp xx fk is good aa, but quite specific.

maybe it was an error, but i saw a during a blockstring in the first freej4y match: bad news there. that’s a free launcher for op.

wikum: too much walking back dude. have you checked out red_snowman’s guile? iirc he’s the top us psn guile player and he uses juri in the back. some really nice shit you should check out if you’re still into juri.

i use guile/raven now and it’s such a deadly combination that i’m not changing anytime soon, lol. but yea, i’ll try hunt some of those vids down.